Here's What You Need to Know About the Five Studios Microsoft Just Acquired

At its Xbox E3 2018 press conference, Microsoft dropped the big news of acquiring five brand new studios: here is everything you need to know about them.

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crazyCoconuts162d ago

Ninja Theory's Hellblade was phenomenal that's a good add for MS. 3 of the 5 already in MS's pocket, so not a big change for gamers though it's nice to see a token of commitment there. Now including all of these studios' games in GamePass day 1 is pretty impressive to me.

Jinger162d ago

I only count 2 that were in their pocket. We Happy Few was only on Xbox because it has a preview program.

crazyCoconuts162d ago

My bad, I missed the news that We Happy Few of coming to the PS4. Wonder if they'll cancel the PS4 release now...

wheatley162d ago

Still coming to Playstation as it's being published by Gearbox.

NewMonday162d ago

MS bought Lionhead and Rare, studios who had the best talent in the industry at their time, but ended up stifling their creativity and the talent fled, MS also worked with Platinum Games and that didn't work out.

MS just doesn't know what good gaming is.

Jinger162d ago


Lionhead failed because of Molyneux and then the Fable Legends game was just a dud. And RARE's talent was already leaving when they were about to be bought by Activision. MS actually out bid Activision to buy RARE, but the talent were already looking elsewhere. But anyway, what have those Ex RARE guys been doing lately? They made, what? Yooka-Laylee which wasn't all that great,

Chris Seavor studio was making a Wii U/3DS game that I never heard of.

Chris Tilston, Mark Edmonds, Ross Bury, and Phil Dunne's studio made Fusion Genisis which is at a 69 on meta.

Free Radical Design did well with the Timesplitters games, but then they followed those up with Haze...

Steve Ellis left Free Radical Design when Crytek bought them and then started making mobile games...

Rare co-founder Tim Stamper started a studio with his son and made mobile games...

MS's biggest failure was not convincing these guys to comeback, but they must have thought it would be better to leave RARE and start on their own studios... and yeah... looks like they were only good working together.

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AngelicIceDiamond162d ago

Its heavily hinted "The Initiative" will focus on story telling and great action. The guy in charge worked, with Crystal Dynamics, THQ Nordic, and worked over at Sony at one point. So My guess their new project will be a AAA story driven action game. An they're currently under going their brand new project.

Playground games is also hard at work with a brand new project as well. Ninja Theory is working on new game as well. They made it clear that Phil wanted them to give them creative freedom to do whatever they want essentially operating independently while having the backing of MS offerings (money)

TheCommentator162d ago

It's awesome to see that MS is making good on the promise of building a portfolio of games and studios, and Ninja Theory was an excellent grab to help get out of the "dude-bro" image MS is known for.

BlackIceJoe162d ago

I really hope this is just the start of many more game studios to be bought next. I'd really like to see MS buy a RPG company. TopWare Interactive and Piranha Bytes aren't as big as some of the other more well known RPG studios, so l could easily see either of those companies being bought and if so they'd be a great add for Microsoft.

Lon3wolf162d ago

Interesting, I hadn't thought of PB and Topware (including Reality Pump) could be good ones to grab.

BlackIceJoe162d ago

I know a lot of people want to see Mistwalker bought and don't get me wrong I'd like to see what Microsoft could do with them too, but seeing as they are more of a concept company over a company that designs the game I feel like the two l listed would be great for Microsoft.

Plus seeing as Reality Pump is part of Topware Interactive you get the chance that some developers could share ideas with CD Project Red and vice versa, because both companies are close to each other.

TheCommentator162d ago

Phil alluded to just that at the end of the show, going so far as to say that they intend to make their 1st party the best in the industry. A ridiculously bold claim but it certainly shows how serious MS is with their commitment. I'm glad Nadella restructured the company and finally gave Phil wings to fly with.

Gamist2dot0162d ago

Acquiring studios is one thing, but making sure they release quality games is another.

Lon3wolf162d ago

Indeed, and only time will tell on that one.

Jaypi03162d ago

Thank you captain obvious.

162d ago
showtimefolks162d ago


i think he meant with release like SOD2 and SOY just buying studios won't automatically mean quality release. MS must have a quality standard for their exclusives

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yeahright2162d ago

3 of the 5 are no big deal. creating the initiative is fantastic. I can't wait to see where that goes. Ninja theory getting gobbled up is the one question mark for me. I hope they don't go the way of rare or just as bad, get micro managed to hell. Best case scenario would be for MS to be as hands off as possible even if they don't want to do multiplayer, season pass and micro transaction GaaS type titles.

MunchMiller00162d ago

Typical Microsoft. Trying to buy their way to quality by acquiring those who have talent. Pathetic really.

maybelovehate162d ago

So just how pathetic was it when Sony bought Naughty Dog?

maybelovehate162d ago

@Araragifeels: MS has worked with Playground Games since their inception, same with Undead Labs. They have worked with Ninja Theory since their very first game, more than a decade ago. The only exception is Compulsion Games.

yeahright2162d ago

That's unfair. They bought studios that were only making games for them anyway, and created a brand new one. Ninja theory is the only exception that's hardly outside the norm.

Jaypi03162d ago

You mean typical any company ever? If they have the money, and want the talent, it makes sense and it's mutually beneficial to both parties, the talent gets a reliable partner and income, and the company secures exclusives, and talent.

You sound ignorant imo.

TheGamingEffect162d ago

Huh!??? Do you know thats what most Conglomerates do in the business world. Its called a "Business Acquisition." How do you think Sony acquired Naughty Dog??? You think they cultivated that talented studio?? Some of you guys are just down right hateful.

CorndogBurglar162d ago

I never realized how much Shang Tsung's character select image from Mortal Kombat 2 made him look like The Rza.....until just now.

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