Halo Infinite To Possibly Have ‘Games As A Service’ Elements

"It's becoming a more service based industry and digital first business," says Aaron Greenberg.

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Reaprr10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Whatever it's got
Will be probably be the same as Halo 5 MP
you can also let your imagination run wild
for the sake of negativity

MunchMiller009d ago

Yes, given MS' track record, assuming the worst, is simply for the sake of negativity. You nailed it.

Skull5219d ago

My guess is they'll wrap up the Master Chief storyline and then the SlipSpace engine will be used for years to come to deliver new content. It'll be very successful.

9d ago
Obscure_Observer9d ago


Phil Spencer just destroyed all of your predictions. You said Microsoft were leaving the console business and Phil Spencer just announced that they are working on another powerful console.

You can stop with this FUD nonsense now. ;)

Rude-ro9d ago

Is that the same cloud power phil? Or the invested billions into developers in 2014 phil? Or “we do not like to announce games that are not too far away” phil? *cough halo cough. Or play “games not resolution” phil?
Man, that list can keep going...
I’m sorry, you were saying phil said something during this e3? Go on

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Thatguy-3109d ago

are we shocked? Good luck to the people at Ninja Theory

XiNatsuDragnel9d ago

Ughh.... this sucks but hopefully we get a good story out of all this mess.

Cmv389d ago

I highly doubt that is a priority.

Do any GaaS titles have very compelling stories? Honest question.

Obscure_Observer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


The last of Us and Uncharted. And i´m pretty sure that Death Stranding, Anthem and Halo Infinity will also have good stories.

MunchMiller009d ago

Possibly? It's MS. There's no "possibly" about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.