Pachter: Pace of Game Releases Increased, Q1/19 Is The Busiest Non-Holiday Quarter I've Ever Seen

Michael Pachter said that the pace of game releases seems to have increased lately, and Q1 2019 is the busiest non-holiday quarter he's ever seen.

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Abash162d ago

Expect more delays. No way are all those games going to come out so close together

Alexious162d ago

I think there will be a couple delays but not any more than that. The four games launching on February 22nd might pick a different week, either earlier or later than that, but nothing major.

dumahim162d ago

There's a 4th now? I know of Metro, Days Gone, and Anthem.

AirJohnston162d ago

Anthem seems like a given to get pushed back a little bit

ccgr162d ago

My backlog continues to grow

KaiPow162d ago

I know and E3 hasn't even started!

ChristMustDie162d ago

There is no way half of these games release in Q1. I'm fully expecting DMC5 as well as plenty of others to get pushed back to later in the year.

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Bobafret162d ago

There are far too many games being released these days.

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