Forza Horizon 4 And Better Looking Xbox One X Multiplatform Games Is Holiday Focus, Says Greenberg

The company's leading games for the holiday season will be multiplatform titles and the exclusive new Forza Horizon game.

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UltraNova11d ago

So Aaron basically Xbox X is PC? And where do you base that statement, what's the ratio between the OG xb1 and X?

Abash11d ago

I love my X, but the mass majority of gamers only own the standard versions of the PS4/X1. Betting on the better looking versions of multiplats on a mid-gen upgrade system is not going to pan out well. It looks like Xbox isn't going to bounce back from the lack of first party games till next year

crazyCoconuts11d ago

If you watched the E3 conference Phil didn't always specify the multiplats will only look better on the X, he said they'll be better on Xbox, sweeping the power advantage that the majority of PS4 users have over the majority of XBox owners under the rug. Not a huge deal, but the words were picked carefully, and another example of MS cleverly controlling people's perception at the expense of honesty...

badz14911d ago

didn't you get the notice? for team Xbox, the original Xbone and the S don't exist! because if they do...they won't be saying "play better/best on XBOX ONE" without the "X".

yeahright211d ago

Don't think the goal is to bounce back this gen, but rather to ride it out and come out swinging next gen.

showtimefolks11d ago


Exactly pro and X don't measure up to OG ps4/Xbox one sales wise

bouzebbal11d ago

How lame of a company that had a major place in the gaming industry...

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Deep-throat11d ago

Why PC didn't matter in 2013 - 2016? You know, 900 vs 1080p mass hysteria?

UltraNova11d ago

You should ask Aaron, he's the one who said all multiplatform games (that includes the PC) will look better on xb1x.

Ninja_Ryu11d ago

Aaron Greenberg is lying again. He's great at that.

morganfell11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Just a short time past, the PC wasn't seeing the renaissance that it is witnessing now. Only a few years ago at E3 there was no PC gamers showcase. After the days of players such as Fatal1ty and ZeRo4 in the great Quake era, PC took a down turn. Assisted by the interest in new tech that course has now reversed itself.

MS made everyone of their games Multiplatform with the PC, maybe you should ask them why they felt PC mattered enough to take that step. Are you going to sit there and act as if you have never posted a comment supporting how great it was that MS used play anywhere to bring games to the PC?

trooper_11d ago

I would like to seriously wonder what these people are thinking, particularly Greenburg.

XiNatsuDragnel11d ago

So basically 3rd party machine this holiday? Okay Aaron chill a little bit and actually try a realistic view point. Why aren't kids Aaron!

343_Guilty_Spark11d ago

What do you think people be playing more during the holidays? 1st parties or 3rd parties? I guarantee you most people will be playing Fortnite, COD, and some other combination of third parties. The numbers say this every year.

slavish011d ago

don't use facts here!!!!!!!!!

Doabarrelroll11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

And where do you think most people will be playing those third party games. Heres a hint its not xbox one X.

guarantee you nearly all people will be playing those third party games on PS4 because smart people dont give a crap about who has the better resolution

343_Guilty_Spark11d ago


A majority will be on PlayStation but it won’t be a 2:1 gap just because there are 2x more PS users. You also have to consider the PS vs XBOX base. A higher percentage of users on xbox play games like COD and Fornite just like more PS users play JRPGs compared to Xbox.

j15reed10d ago

Red Dead and COD are killing everything this fall like they always do and don't forget with have 3 sports games coming plus Battlefield and Fallout. I'm sure I'm missing some other games but if I was any company making exclusives fall would be last time I would think about releasing a game.

Reaprr11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The fall belongs to third parties anyways
and they'll all run and look best on X as far as console gaming goes.

badz14911d ago

yup...looks best for the minority of Xbone owners

slavish011d ago

awww did he hurt your feelings :(

badz14910d ago

he didn't hurt me or anything. I just want to give the truth before those original Xbone and S owners start believing in MS lies...AGAIN!

GTgamer11d ago

And how many people own a x? Man please the bigger community will be on Playstation end of story

HeyNowChillax11d ago

I got one on an insane deal, not worth $499 IMO, $350, sure. However, I've asked a number players online, I've only come across one other person who has an X1X. There are def more PS4 Pro owners out there in comparison.

GTgamer11d ago

@heyNowchillax exactly I'm the only person I know with a pro out of all my friends because at the end of the day people weren't gonna buy a new console if they didn't need to, but on this website you would swear everybody upgraded when that's not the case 95% of gamers are still on the Base hardware and that's the truth.

Reaprr11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Who cares about the number of people who own the X?
Fact remains the same. The strongest console to date is the X.

I'm sure the PS5 will come and change that(you better hope so) but until then. .
remain bitter lol.

ILostMyMind11d ago

Do you know that even if PS5 won't be more powerful than XBoxNext it will still be a PlayStation, right? It can have a SnapDragon processor, it will be a better console than XB.

Reaprr11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The X being stronger than all current offerings is a fact.
as for which is better:

" it will be a better console than XB"
That's subjective :D

KickSpinFilter11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Not bitter about anything...except for the exception of Ninja Theory.
Not Looking for PS5 till 2020-21 no need until then. .
PS4 will remain joyous with the flood of exclusives happening now and in 2019 and beyond.
Good try lol
In fairness this def was MS best Conference to date for MS this gen.

trooper_11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It's a strong console that's not selling.

By the time Microsoft releases first party exclusives, people won't care anymore.

Strong consoles don't translate to games people want to play if you're not delivering on them.

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bigmalky11d ago

Spider Man says otherwise.

xRacer74x11d ago

Forza Horizon pops in and says hi too.

XabiDaChosenOne11d ago

Nobody cares except the select few that have purchased the X. Facts.

xRacer74x11d ago

Facts XBOX X plays the games better than the PS4 Pro. FACTS

mkis00711d ago

And PC Plays all games better than X. Does that make you feel bad? no? so why would anyone feel bad about the ps4 pro having a moderately lower res than X?

The fact of the matter is if you can afford a good UHDTV ( one with hdr10 and maybe dolby vision) you shouldn't be worried about the cost of a pc.

King_Lothric10d ago

All those games will sell 3x more on Playstation so I don't understand your rant.

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gamerzero11d ago

Microsoft has been saying this change or that change will make a difference but Sony and Nintendo continue to run away with the gen and that's not going to change just because of one E3.

Cmv3811d ago

Quality and the love for gaming over whatever the hell Microsoft has been trying to push since 2001

xRacer74x11d ago

Love for the best possible games over being a fan of a brand.

TheCommentator11d ago

MS said that the changes they are working on, IE making games, would take years so we (meaning anyone with a brain and basic reading skills) already knew going into E3 that things weren't changing overnight.
This year, they announced several new titles, bought five studios, and have at least two other unknown titles in development (one from Playground and one from Bohemia). That's not even including anything from the other studios that MS bought. MS obviously delivered on their promise of committing the company to invest in games, and it was an great E3 in that regard.
The 1st party games they did show, besides Battletoads, were all pretty well known before E3 so in that regard MS is still playing it safe with releasing information about their new projects and could have done a bit better IMO. The only real disappointment from MS though is that when they pushed CD3 into February that they didn't have anything scheduled to replace it.

XabiDaChosenOne11d ago

So your telling me you spent and additionally 500 dollars on a console for promises? Woooooooooww!!

trooper_11d ago

Keep making excuses for them. They're taking your money and getting away with homicide.

TheCommentator11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

@ XabiDaChosenOne

When did I tell you I bought a 1X? I thought I was talking about studios and games but, for reference, I don't own a 1X and plan on skipping it in favor of their next iteration instead. I don't care that much about graphics as long as the gameplay is fun.

@ trooper

You guys are the ones making excuses... excuses to continue to hate MS. If you're ignorant enough to come into every article about MS and talk trash then you should at least still be aware that MS had previously said that:
- After the launch of the 1X that they were shifting focus towards games.
- Making games isn't an overnight thing and it'll take years, possibly a decade, to build up a competitive portfolio.

What excuses am I making when I heard MS loud and clear and they've made good on their promises at E3? Besides, I've been fine with my decision to own an XB1 because I like enough MS exclusives already and 3rd party takes care of the rest. I don't like enough PS exclusives to justify owning one.

finbars7511d ago

Agreed but what blows my mind is the fact that there already talking about the next Xbox there working on. How about they slow down gets some exclusive games that aren't Gears,Forza and Halo and give the gamers what they want. The acquired these developers but guess what you wont see any of there games any time soon. Crackdown looks like a mess looks and plays nothing like what we saw 3 years ago. They need to be more careful on what they promise and stop using words like world premier exclusives or exclusives this and that when there not.

KickSpinFilter11d ago

In fairness, it sounds like there are PS5 development boxes out there already. Sony word on it is "Mum" which is a smart move.

SublimeStylee211d ago

The solution is pretty simple. Buy a ps4.

SpaceRanger11d ago

Screwing over the vast majority of their fanbase. The games look good, and will play well, but to say your focus is on Forza and Xbox One X only does a disservice to those who still have the OG Xbox one or even the X1S.

TheGrimReaper11d ago

If you don't want the fancy stuff from an Xbox One X, we have a product for you! Xbox 36...uhhh Xbox One! ;)

ILostMyMind11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Imagine what he will say when XBNext comes.