E3 2018's Halo Infinite Trailer Was Only An Engine Demo, Game Still A "Long Way" Off

Microsoft also says Halo Infinite will focus more on Master Chief and that you'll be able to play it ahead of launch.

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chrisx160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

so most likely next gen then. the slipspace engine and art style looks real nice though.

4Sh0w160d ago

Yeah if it were a launch game for the next Xbox in 3 yrs, huge open world 4K 60fps, revamped gameplay, tech demo graphics, full multi modes & all the bells and whistles with features such as some actual use of cloud gaming tech I think that would be a megaton for Xbox going forward...but yeah who knows.

naruga160d ago

Halo Infinite ...Doom Eternal is happening with FPSs ..

-Foxtrot160d ago

We'll probably end up seeing this for the next 2-3 E3 shows...

BlueBlue160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Well, that would be 6 or 5 years of development for them.

xRacer74x160d ago

We should call it the FF7 remake clause. Only show games close to being released

zackeroniii160d ago

Well that's what's expected of microsoft...trying to decieve and make themseleves look good just for a few minutes when it doesn't matter in the long run.

All talk no walk

timotim160d ago

2-3 E3s? That's not a bad thing though is it? The Last of Us 2 was teased at last year's E3, and will be at this year's E3 was well before being shown off one last time at next years E3 before it's fall 2019 release...

UltraNova160d ago


Did you just compare ND with 343? Oh my...

Septic160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

"Did you just compare ND with 343? Oh my..."

He didn't do that. Its actually not a hard comment to understand. He clearly just gave an example of a game featuring at several yearly shows and why its not necessarily bad.

UltraNova160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Context Septic context. This thread implies vaporware and early promises not fully fullfilled, something being erroneously associated with ND by timotim, a known quality studio against an unproven one - 343, its....not that hard to understand...

Gaming_1st160d ago


I love how people just make up blatant lies. Please show me where the release date for Last of US 2 is "fall of 2019"

Septic160d ago

"Context Septic context. This thread implies vaporware and early promises not fully fullfilled,"

Really? Tim was directly replying to Foxtrot who made the point about 2-3 E3;s. That was a very specific point. You completely misunderstood it then by clearly talking about the studios prowess. Then your later comment about vaporware etc shows how you continue not to understand the point.

Again> Foxtrot says it will feature for 2-3 E3's. Tim says thats not bad because TLOU2 does the same.

-Foxtrot160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

At the end of the day Last of Us Part II was announced in December 2016, this is the second E3 and it'll be released before next E3 I'm guessing. Any longer and I'm calling bullshit

timotim160d ago

@Ultra nova

No. I didn't do that at all. This isnt about comparing the quality of game studios here. In fact, ND themselves was never mentioned by me at all. What I was responding to was the amount of YEARS a specific game might be shown off and if that's a bad thing or not. TLoU2 was first shown off back in 2016 and while it is a possibility that it could release this year, chances are it will be 2019...that will make 4 years the game has been shown off...its already been 3 straight. I don't see anything wrong with how TLoU2 has been shown thus far leading up to its release...have you?

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timotim160d ago

It definitely sounds like a 2020 game at the earliest so available for "next gen" is certainly a possibility. However, with Microsoft's stance now on "generations", you can bet that this game will be payable on Xbox One family consoles too. Windows, and Xbox One consoles, including Xbox Next would be my take.

cigi160d ago

@-Foxtrot ahh you mean like Death stranding.... or almost every other big SONY game!

TheProblem160d ago


The last of us 2 hasn't been at a single E3. Why do you guys always make stuff up? Serious question

timotim160d ago


My are was actually first teased in 2016 at PSX, not 2017 E3...this would make a fall 2019 three straight years Sony has been showing off the game at various game related that a bad thing?

Gaming_1st160d ago


Think he means more like crackdown. Or like the other games that are shown multiple years at e3, then canceled.

TheCommentator159d ago

Yeah, So Gears 5 for Next holiday and Halo Infinite for 2020.

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maybelovehate160d ago

Now that consoles are all x86 there is no next gen. There will only be incremental upgrades like we see on PC today.

PhantomS42160d ago

Probably. A few weeks ago a lot of people on the site were very anti-next gen but E3 this year is pretty clear that this console generation is coming to an end. PS4 is in its twilight years, Microsoft already said they are working on Nextbox, Bethesda announces Starfield and TES6 are next gen. The end is in sight and next year will probably be the year we hear more about hardware.

Slipspace engine looks great though and them using the Halo 2 and 3 artstyle is a clear show 343i is taking huge steps to go back to the good days of Halo. That Halo 3 helmet made me smile and I'm willing to bet the multiplayer will be more like 2 and 3 with a tiny bit of 5 injected in there than it is Halo 5 and Call of Duty which is what 5 played like. It's been a long time since I've said this about Halo but I can't wait to see more.

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TheProblem160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

I think this shows how much Phil Spencer lies.

Back when there was nothing been shown and people were questioning him on it. He was all Like

"Oh.. oh.. err. we are only going to show games that are close to release moving forward"

Everyone knew he only said that because there was nothing to show. Now they are showing games that release far into the future.

Phil Spencer only ever says what he thinks people want to hear.

outsider1624160d ago

Didn't Phil say he doesn't want to show off games that's far off release..or something like that...

TheProblem160d ago

Yeah thats the point I was making

mark_parch160d ago

this is definitely going to be next gen but what the hell have 343 been doing for the last 3 years?


I get a open world Halo vibe, which is awesome!

Minute Man 721160d ago

This game is dropping next year

notachance160d ago

Phil Spencer: "we won't do early announcement again"
also Phil Spencer: "ayy look here's two of our staple games without any release window"

shiva1160d ago

I took that literally for studios not owned by Microsoft and not by first party studios. The context and the timing of that phrase out of phil was out when scalebound happened.

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frostlatch160d ago

If its "way off" then they lose E3 2018. They had ONE job. Get the new Halo out or at least close and all they gave was a damn engine demo. Kudos for announcing a few new racing games and Gears 5 but that isnt enough guys.

The Wood160d ago

It's a start though. . A late late start but ms had to look like they were pulling their finger out. Ms know this gen has been a wash for a while so their preparation for next gen should of started sooner than now. As you can see ms will only release 3 retail exclusives in their 5th year of the gen..

Brave_Losers_Unite160d ago

How is releasing an expected Halo game a start?

The Wood160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

I was more thinking about the studio acquisitions. They're a whole gen behind of Sony in terms of quality and quantity of studios and this gen has highlighted that. Buying studios isn't even an instant fix either. It's a long road. Games of quality don't just appear.

Brave_Losers_Unite160d ago


Oh okay. Hey you never know, some of tthose studios might have already been working on a project/game for some time now

aconnellan159d ago

I think that’s a hyperbolic statement, and a bit unfair.

With Halo 5’s terrible campaign and poor reception I’d much rather them take as long as it takes to make a great Halo 6.

I think it’s more important to let 343 take their time than it is to rush it out to appease people saying that there were enough games revealed for a 2018 release.

Don’t want a repeat of the rushed State of Decay/Sea of Thieves do we?

RainbowBrite160d ago

I don't understand why is this an engine demo, when they didn't show any gameplay. It was cinematics. Could someone explain this to me?

OffRoadKing160d ago

They used the game engine to create the teaser trailer essentially, they didn't show game play because they dont have any and wont for a long time.

Kabaneri160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

This is disappointing I was excited to play Halo 6 on the X.

Kabaneri160d ago

Im sure 99% of N4G does....

shiva1160d ago

Are you leaving to MARS on SpaceX by any chance tomorrow or in near future?

aconnellan159d ago

They’ve announced that its coming out on the current gen One and X

conanlifts160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

So is this all they have done in almost 3 years. Pretty poor, no wonder we don't have any new 1st party games to play for the rest of 2018 ( except forza).

Jinger160d ago

I mean, it's not exactly easy making a brand new engine from scratch, but I can't say I'm not a little bummed also.

I was at least expecting a Halo spin off game at least. Sort of what The Coalition is doing with Gears of War.

conanlifts159d ago

The gears spin offs are exclusive to pc and mobile though. Neither are going to Xbox.

mark_parch160d ago

I'm extremely happy they seem to be listening to the fans and going back to the old art style, concentrating on chief and going back to a halo ring but like sd11 said what the hell have they been doing for the last 3 years. some people were expecting it to release this year or at the very least next year and they haven't even got any gameplay to show. looks like it's going to be a next gen game which is frustrating but at least I'm actually excited for a halo game again

shiva1160d ago


Man i wonder if you or any of your kind can build a game engine with all the resources loaded in a giffy.

343 is working on fixing master chief collection, halo 5 guardians and halo 6 new game engine along with meddling on art style for the game. Building and tweaking game engine itself takes time.

For all the additional info head onto waypoint if you are really interested....which i doubt you are...

conanlifts159d ago

I was actually more than interested but can you seriously say that ms have not messed up? Nothing else is being released for 2018 except forza. They announced 3 gears games, but 1 is exclusive to pc ( no xbox version) the other exclusive to mobile.
As for halo, yes make a new engine but i did expect a new halo at least by next year. As an Xbox gamer and looking deeper at their conference it was not good.