What Microsoft Got Right and Wrong at E3 2018

The Xbox One X might be the most powerful console on the market, and it might be on sale right now, but Microsoft has a real shortage of software with which to fight the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

This is what the company had to address with its press conference at E3 2018, so let’s take a look at what Microsoft did right, and wrong.

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corroios162d ago


Lack of blockbuster new exclusives IP´s. Something new or some exclusive deal that no one was expecting. Like buying Anthem.

Buying one of the big studios that we talked about so many months

Too much multiplats trailers


Forza, Gears, Halo

Getting Ninja Theory.

Less PR about power and 4k

162d ago
Jdoki162d ago

Everything MS did was to try and bring them closer to parity with Sony and Nintendo rather than leapfrog them. But I did appreciate the lack of gimmicks and waffle. The number of 'World Premier' trailers was just filler though.

Great, they bought 5 studios. Only 10 years late! And none of them have shown any signs of being in the same league as Nintendo and Sony's best - so they are likely going to need many years to mature.

Great, more Gears, Halo and Forza. Whilst I love Forza Horizon and am looking forward to it - it's still the same old IP trotted out again like ageing show ponies. MS are as bad as EA for cyclically updating old IP.

To make it worse, in SquareEnix's very short show all their new IP was shown as PS4 / PC - why no XBox? (Dragons Quest XI, Babylon's Fall, and The Quiet Man).

If it wasn't for GamePass allowing me to pay a small amount to try a game for a few weeks I'd get rid of my XBox and wait for the next console to see if things improve. (State of Decay 2 is barely worth the £7.99 I paid to try it for a month)

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mkis007162d ago

Ya after Square Enix's recent comments I was surprised to see no simultaneous release for these new games.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen162d ago

The only truly bad thing Microsoft did was continuing to use the phrase "console launch exclusive." Other than that, I think their conference was actually entertaining.

RainbowBrite162d ago

I think the past E3s from Microsoft have been SO horrible, so horrible... That they made an Ok presentation this year, generic and quite boring but secure, with all the problems people are mentioning (lack of exclusives, lot of 3rd parties, etc... forza again, and Halo "in a galaxy far far away"), and the xbox fans are just loosing their minds super happy about it!!! They didn't mess it up this time!!!

The thing you should be more excited for: HALO!!! but they showed like the most boring trailer you could see.
Same with gears... The silence when that Gears of Pop thing from Hell appear on screen...

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