Forza Horizon 4's Size Is The Same as FH3; Seasons Last One Week, Servers Host Up To 72 Players

Playground Games, now acquired by Microsoft, shared a lot of interesting details for their upcoming shared world racing game Forza Horizon 4.

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crazychris4124188d ago

I'll see y'all black Friday. I'm expecting at least $20 off for all editions just like the 11st black Friday for the last game

xRacer74x188d ago

Yep, that is when I pick up the exclusives for my PS4 and the few multiplats I missed picking up earlier in the year.
Got Gt Sport for 30 bucks.

MuddyWaters188d ago

The best open world racing game just got better. The mix of seasons really adds a whole new dimension to it and the Xbox One X will allow 60fps mode.

ZeroX9876188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

To be quite honest, this is one of the best exclusives that Xbox offers in which Sony doesn't have a competitor for. GT sports is great against forza Mortorsport, but it's not the same as Forza Horizon series at all.

Will be playing this on my PC since this is the only MS platform I have. I'm very glad that MS brings their franchises to PC, it's a great way to make some revenue on long time Playstation supporters like me :)

Halo coming to PC is also an insta-buy for me. Haven't played any halo since the 360 era, so I'm excited for this one! Plus I can finally play some games with my fellow Xbox friends.

TheCommentator188d ago

Wait, did you actually use "great" to describe GT Sport? Other GT's may be great against Forza Motorsport, but there's nothing great about GT Sport.

CernaML188d ago

It has the best graphics, best simulation on a console, the best support and best online racing you can find on any platform.
There is plenty great about GT Sport.

OneLove188d ago

Wow 72 players nice. 72 cars drifting on the horizon.

V10Elit3x188d ago

Gonna ask this. Since the game has seasonal weather in the game, do it require xbox live gold to get those changes?
Since its shared online stuff, so it made me a bit confused.
Best regards from a concerned Forza faithful.

xRacer74x188d ago

You will get seasons just like everyone else but yo wont be able to play online with anyone with a free account.

andibandit188d ago

I can hardly believe the seasonal weather only exists online, im pretty sure the stuff is on the local box, and when playing online its just synchronized.

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