Microsoft May Have Already Had the Best E3 2018 Press Conference

The Microsoft E3 2018 press conference was one of the most intriguing prospects heading into this year's event. The Xbox One hasn't exactly been doing so hot, with it lacking the exclusives and exciting upcoming games to stand out beside the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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Septic160d ago

I think Sony will have the better show based on the great titles that are about to release. Death Stranding is the one in really hyped for. Maybe fewer surprises but more gameplay for some great looking games like Death Stranding, Shenmue and Ghosts of T.

But the Xbox show format was really good. Perfect pacing and no Minecraft chat or overly long talkative stuff.

Perfect for Xbox fans with the usual ips plus the new studio acquisitions and the really strong statements for the future of Xbox at a time when there were a lot of doubts.

morganfell160d ago

The only slow part of the show was the head of Gamepass. It isn't the material she presented but that she seemed uncomfortable. Other than that the pacing was tight.

DarkVoyager160d ago

I honestly don’t know about that. This was in my opinion one of Microsoft’s best showings to date.

Halo: Infinite, Gears 5, and Forza Horizon 4 all looked great and they will all run at 60fps now which is a huge plus for me.

I also like the fact that they purchased Ninja Theory. Amazing studio.

And last but now least I’m a huge fan of Gamepass and the fact you get all Microsoft published exclusives at launch.

Microsoft are also working a next gen console codenamed Scarlet.

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DarkVoyager160d ago

“Did they say 60fps on the OG Xbox One?”

Here’s where I got the information.

UltraNova160d ago

Well comparing previous MS E3 showings then yes this year's was stellar...

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Godmars290160d ago

I don't think Sony's track record is all that good.

They may - certainly - bring the games after the fact, but usually a 3rd of their E3's are bore-fests.

Apocalypse Shadow160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

You forgot to add the /S.

Don't know what to say if you believe that though.

And, it's still hilarious with all that world exclusive premier, launch exclusive, etc. Why does MS try to muddy the waters on the definition of the word "exclusive?" What are they hiding?

shinoff2183160d ago

Wth have you been watching? Come on man us that what you post to make yourself feel better

Ceaser9857361160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Godmars then prolly you saw Sony Press conference E3 2006.. Because Sony was always great this gen. They have revealed new games and continued doing so and also revealing more info about the games which have been revealed. Xbox finally had a great E3 this year. Coz until yesterday Xbox had boring shows.. Sony was always a step ahead.

pwnmaster3000160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Agreed I said this earlier but sony doesnt even have to show any new ips ( which I don’t think they will) to have a good show. They have way to many exclusives to make up for it. Especially they have yet to release any gameplay for death stranding, lastofus2, and ghost of T. Plus they will most likely show off Spider-Man and days gone.

The only thing I see that Sony can’t top is them acquiring a studio. I doubt they will do that

shinoff2183160d ago

Sony will show something new I'll put money on it

doggo84160d ago

Sony have already acquired a new first party studio. If I'm not mistaken it is located in San Diego and is made up of ex naughty dog devs

showtimefolks160d ago


They do have options but they just started a new studio in San Diego

And Sony bend is hiring for a new IP from what I understand they may have a 2nd team

Teams like ND and Santa Monica have more than one team within the studio

Some studios that Sony could acquire

Blue point

shinoff2183160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

There still should be doubts. The xbox one x isn't even that old. They should worry about games right now

ps360s160d ago

But it seems like the Xbox fans are happy with the current state of the Xbox one >.<

FIVE years into the Xbox one console and it toke Microsoft FIVE years to acquire studios (longer if you count Xbox 360) 50/50 so they can counter the criticisms and for a show, only time will tell.

FIVE years of waiting and waiting while Sony throwing out EXCLUSIVES after EXCLUSIVES...

FIVE years too late as I said before

But I guess we all can look forward to the next Xbox console (hopefully) but these newly acquire studios can either end up being like Rare or thrive, we will never know until Ms can show us that they will deliver true exclusives akin to Playstation

UltraNova160d ago

Agreed, we'll just have to see soon enough.

yeahright2160d ago

Maybe. For me, MS had one job and that was to convince me to buy an xbox. and they have me close to it, just not an xbox1. Halo/gears/forza I don't care about, If I did, I would have already owned an xbox. And most of what was shown is coming to PS4. So for Xbox one, still no interest. BUT, for that next xbox, they have me cautiously hyped. the new studio plus all the acquisitions are all good things, ninja theory being the one I'm worried about losing their creative freedom. I really don't want to see them turn into the next rare.
But to me, even if Sony has a better show, unless it blows me away, I'd still say MS won in a way. Mainly because they actually have my attention as far as xbox goes and that's something I didn't think would happen again. Honestly, I was just watching their conference to see the third party titles that weren't going to be on anyone else's stage.

ABizzel1160d ago


100% this.

The Xbox conference was absolutely great as far as pacing, quantity of titles, diversity of titles (thanks to a mix of first and 3rd party), etc.... The problem IMO is a lot of the games they showed were 3rd party which is great for pacing and content, but they're coming to PS4 so that's not a huge bullet point for their conference IMO. Exclusive wise pretty much everything they showed was 2019 or at this point likely on Xbox4 which leaves XBO with a barren 2018 carried by multiplats. The have the message best on Xbox, but that's not 100% true because yes you can have the best overall performance on the XBO-X, but you also get the worst overall performance on the XBO (which is what the majority of Xbox owners have).

That being said I think this E3 was almost everything they needed to do to set the expectation that the Xbox brand is still involved with gaming, and will get it together next generation and compete again. They have 5 new exclusive developers (although only Ninja Theory is the only real big wow from those studios considering the others made average / indie / exclusives to begin with). Also letting fans know Game Pass will continue and they're working on a successor consoles (which will probably be 2020, but honestly I could very well see them trying to pull a 360 and launching in 2019 to get a head start on next-gen and PS5). The only thing that would have made this conference and the content great was actual content releasing this year. At least 2 - 3 surprise exclusives of A - AAA quality releasing this holiday along with Forza, whether it was Splinter Cell, Alan Wake Remastered, Crysis Trilogy Remastered, and one actual AAA exclusive, that would have at least gave 2018 some love.

This was a conference for Xbox fans first and foremost which was a killer for, however, for non there was nothing there to really excite them to purchase an XBO in 2018, or 2019 either really since the console is closing out this generation with the same franchises it's known for Forza, Gears, Halo (probably XB4).

My opinion is still a strong 8 and I mean 8.0 - 8.9 lower for non-fans, a higher 8 for Xbox fans.

Content: B+ (great mix of 3rd party, console services / future hardware, and 2019 - 2020 first party, )
Pacing / Flow: A- (just like E3 Sony's 2016 it was all about the games, the opening was the only slight)
2018 Games: C- (Honestly this would have been MUCH lower if not for 3rd party showings)
Future: A- (5 exclusive studios, nice 2019 line-up, and a new console being worked on)
Megaton: B+ (Ninja Theory, but no game to show so not a complete Megaton IMO)

Overall Conference: B (Solid 2018 conference let down by a lack of 2018 games, specifically exclusives.)

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mrmikew2018160d ago

It was a good show, it should really bring the confidence up for the Xbox community who exclusively enjoy the Xbox ecosystem. However, it’s extremely premature to even state they had the best conference.

The only downside from that conference that MS didn’t announce anything coming out for the XBO this year.

lociefer160d ago

What xbox did today was what ps has been doing nearly every e3, albeit with more exclusives. BUT its good that MS are getting back in the game, more competition = more exclusives for us which is always good

shinoff2183160d ago

Yea and ms had a smart comment when sony did it and did it better mind you. So for them to turn around and do it was really asinine

yellowgerbil160d ago

death stranding is better than everything shown combined

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doggo84160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

No doubt. When that TLOU 2 gameplay gets revealed people will be blown away

Tobse160d ago

You dont know what the game is about or have ever seen gameplay, yet somehow its better okeh

yeahright2160d ago

If you take away cyber punk 2077, maybe.

yellowgerbil160d ago

I am pumped for both that and sessions, but I've been watching a lot of death stranding conspiracy videos on YouTube so am super pumped about concrete info on that fame. My personal highlight is going to be Dreams though

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