Seagate Reveals New 2TB XBOX SSD Drive

I would love to see this in action as it sounds great Especially since the new games keep taking up more and more space. Seagate has revealed a new 2TB SSD drive for Xbox One.

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Nitrowolf2101d ago


“Wipes sweat off forehead”

Garethvk101d ago

Better order two just to be safe.

DarkVoyager101d ago

SSDs just aren’t worth the price for the minimal performance difference. I’ll wait until they drop heavily in price.

ssmilloy36101d ago

you mean in the Xbox? ssd was the best upgrade I've ever done. in a pc tho

zerocarnage100d ago

Yeah but its sposed to transfer games in like 2 mins which to some will want that quickness, thats what your paying for really..

Elwenil100d ago

I won't pay $20 for a Seagate, there is no way I'd pay more.

Cobra951100d ago

Well, they can't seem to make mechanical drives as reliable as others. But this is an SSD. Different ball game. Maybe they'll get it right this time. The price, though. They wouldn't get that from me.

Nodoze100d ago

The goddamn ads on this site are beyond annoying. N4G is going downhill fast. I get that ads help run things but this site is stuttering, popping up video and audio ads on every click. It is BEYOND annoying.