E3 2018: Jump Force Switch Not Happening Due to "Technical Limitations"

A Jump Force Switch port reportedly isn't happening due to technical limitations, with a Nintendo Switch version of the upcoming crossover fighting game not in the works. This news comes from the E3 show floor, where Jump Force is currently available to play for attendees on the Xbox One.

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PaleMoonDeath189d ago

Pleased too hear, I want this thing too be absolutley ruthless, loved Jstars!

salmonade189d ago

lol I'm not surprised. Switch will miss out on a whole heap of 3rd party games. People know this.

blackblades189d ago

Poor switch, when ps5 and next xbox comes out it'll be wii/u all over again unless the games get 3x downgrade.

Elda189d ago

Basically saying it's weak.

masterfox189d ago

good!, no downgrades then ;)

Zodiac189d ago

I mean, It already looks pretty ugly. I couldn't imagine what a downgrade would look like lol

neocores8055188d ago

well i mean it did say this is a TECH TEST So yeah hardly doubt they would polish a demo lol idiot.

Zodiac188d ago

The art style is a complete turnoff. Never been a fan of the more "realistic" look for anime games.

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