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BiggerBoss104d ago

Damn, j_blaze and Deepthroat told me this was gonna be an Xbox exclusive...

Goldby104d ago

not only that, that Ms was gonna buy CDPR.

Gotta love their silence now lol

BiggerBoss104d ago

What about the people saying Microsoft was going to buy Valve? Lol. Where did they go?

gamerzero104d ago

and Sega and From Software and Capcom and SquareEnix and Platinum Games

b163o1104d ago

Let's not forget R*...

OnTopic: The game looks good, still no gameplay but I waited 5yrs I think, so no complaints....

UltraNova104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Who cares guys, let them run their mouths. MS themselves serves them crow each and every time.

On topic: CP looks looks so Ghost in the Shell I was actually giddy. I kept waiting for Major Kusanagi to show up!

I'm worried about something though...I know this is contrary to most people's tastes but I feel this game will have so so many distractions that will lead to fatigue before you finish the main story line...I'm a guy who needs to find/complete everything and open world games with a huge amount of filler is a no no...that said I know CDPR does side content the right way, maybe they do it best in the whole industry, but I hope they create a balance world in CP where leaving some things behind doesn't make you fill that you are missing.

I can definitely see this game coming for next gen consoles though...

RadicalCannibal104d ago

CDPR are huge, no way they could afford them

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showtimefolks104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

you believe j-blaze lol


i know i was just being sarcastic

BiggerBoss104d ago

My comment was in jest, obviously that was never going to happen:)

CernaML104d ago

Quick! Delete your comments before he finds them!

BiggerBoss104d ago (Edited 104d ago )


Sorry bro, you're right, went through my posts and it was actually @videogamelab.

I respectfully apologize.

Name Last Name104d ago

I thought it would be more Blade Runner and less Watch Dogs. But I trust it will turn out well.

BrettAwesome104d ago

That's because you're not familiar with the source material. And don't worry. There'll be plenty of dark stuff :)

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Deep-throat104d ago

It's okay bro! I thought you're kidding though!

salmonade104d ago

I don't remember them saying that lol

armughan11104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

CDPR won't let that happen tbh

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Septic104d ago

DAMN THIS GAME- Game of the gen surely!

BiggerBoss104d ago

What about the trailer gave you that idea? It looked good, but they didn't even show any gameplay...

Septic104d ago

The pedigree of the studio and the exact vibes that Cyberpunk needed to show off

Deep-throat104d ago

But it's okay for you guys hyping up other cinematic trailers. Let me remind you of GoS first trailer...

starchild104d ago

I'm hyped as hell for The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima even though no real gameplay has been shown and it's because I know what those two developers can do and the concepts contained in the trailers are extremely promising. Same thing here. CD Projekt RED have proven to be an extremely capable studio and The Witcher 3 in particular is probably the best overall game I've ever played. The Cyberpunk 2077 trailer looks incredible and hints at what is likely to be an amazing game.

getbacktogaming104d ago

I really want to see gameplay :'( lol patience is a virtue I don't master

pietro1212104d ago

Well, CD Project Red has a damn good track record with the Witcher trilogy especially part 3. They are not one to disappoint

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I_am_Batman104d ago

We didn't even see anything though. I was hoping for a gameplay demo on stage. Still pumped though.

showtimefolks104d ago


what's with the hot takes today man. We didn't even see any game play yet you are jumping to an conclusion. first after announcement of 5 studios it killed the conference for you even though this was almost the same type conference from last year

calm down CDPR are awesome and i am expecting nothing short of a great game but let's wait and see we don't even know when it launching

Septic104d ago

Hot takes? Bruh...go into any TLOU 2 article and tell me how I'm wrong for vouching for this possibly being GoTG.

Spurg104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Well if you carefully analyse the trailer and if you know what the Witcher 3 gave us you can quickly expected some great stuff.

Plus there is a behind the scenes demo CD is showing the press. And you know what happens after that the gameplay gets release to the public.

rainslacker104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Kind of disappointed that the original teaser seemed more creepy and more thematic, while this looked like a rather generic punking future.

You talk about vibes in a reply....can you say the vibe of this trailer was anywhere near what was first shown? They seem completely different.

ecchiless104d ago

yea i want that female to be the mc

Sunny_D104d ago

Hmmmm, I remember you saying that people are going overboard without seeing gameplay of Ghost of Tshushima when they claimed it a potential GOTY title. But, now it doesn’t matter? Lol...

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Brave_Losers_Unite104d ago

Good games shown, but no exclusives.

BiggerBoss104d ago

Xbox fans are more hyped for the studio announcements, so they might get some exclusives NEXT gen.

showtimefolks104d ago

i think the days of medium size developers are numbered


the development of games is becoming so expensive that you are either going to go out of business or be bought out

markzzbr104d ago

Wrong article, fanboy.
Try the one next to it.

gamerzero104d ago

"No" exclusives is an exaggeration, but the VAST majority of the games they showed were multi-platform.

showtimefolks104d ago

pretty average conference same as last year

50 games shown slogan
on screen it says console launch exclusive on mic it says exclusive

it doesn't matter the number of games show they needed to show some must have AAA games. so in a way they did the right thing by buying studios now give them time/money

Dissidia104d ago

Forza Horizon 4
Halo Infinite
Gears 5
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
We Happy Few

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Vegamyster104d ago

Hopefully some gameplay is shown during E3 at some point, it's been a long time coming.

BiggerBoss104d ago

Yeah, I was really expecting gameplay... kinda disappointed tbh...

getbacktogaming104d ago

I was liked super happy! ...and then the sadness kicked in. - Amazing trailer! ...but where is my gameplay?

Lamboomington104d ago

too many people expected the game this year. It's not coming this year imo

showtimefolks104d ago

behind closed doors from what i understand

getbacktogaming104d ago

please point me to the right door :P!? lol oh well I'll be reading some articles... :/

WelkinCole104d ago

Who knows they might show gameplay at Sony's conference

annoyedgamer104d ago

There was a rumor that Sony got some kind of demo. So it may be possible.

showtimefolks104d ago

world looks so colorful gave me back to the future vibe

salmonade104d ago

Can we get Kaneda's bike from Akira?

KickSpinFilter104d ago

Shut up!!! Actually can we just get Akira, like a real open world Akira.

robtion104d ago

Probably my most anticipated game since the original announcement trailer.

Deinitely some Judge Dredd vibes. Good...good.