Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Revealed By From Software, Gameplay Trailer Shown

From Software has shown their Shadows Die Twice at the E3 2018 conference by Microsoft. You can view the reveal trailer below.

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Vegamyster65d ago

Not what i was expecting from Fromsoftware but it looks fantastic, the movement/grappling looks so slick and i like the brighter but still gritty visual design.

Skull52165d ago

Day one purchase for the Xbox One X best version for sure!

65d ago
Skull52165d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Haha don’t get me wrong, I’ll be playing Bloodborne 2 as well, assuming it actually exists. Would be nice if it came to Xbox as well though since my PS4 Pro isn’t nearly as powerful, and the controller is trash. Bloodborne is a good enough game to buy a PS4 for. Was a little worried with Bloodborne being only on PS4 that this game had a possiblity of being there too, glad to see it on Xbox!

djplonker65d ago (Edited 65d ago )


No that would be the pc version..... Like every multiplatform game.

Blazphemy65d ago

Sony owns the Bloodborne IP, you wont see it on Xbox or PC

starchild65d ago

Honestly, this is close to my dream game. It seems to combine what I love from two of my favorite franchises--Tenchu and Dark Souls--into one incredible game. I love stealth, I love deep challenging combat, I love the mystical feudal Japan setting. Yeah, this is more exciting than Bloodborne to me. It hits all the right notes. And it being available on the PC is brilliant. Now I can be free from the low stuttery framerates and play it with improved visuals and fidelity.

CDzNutts65d ago

With that controller? Chill.

doggo8465d ago (Edited 65d ago )

"looks 10x better than bloodborne"

Shame, must be like a stake through the heart for you knowing such a masterpiece like bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive. Hopefully bloodborne 2 will be announced and im holding thumbs that it will drive you mentally insane, resulting in you being admitted to a mental institution where you belong lol, which will be awesome because then we can finally not see your worthless, brain cell killing comments on here as well:)

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Bimkoblerutso65d ago

Yeah, I was not expecting the Japanese setting. Almost like FromSoftware is looking Nioh right in the eye, and saying like, "...yeah, what of it?"

Looks really, really awesome to me, personally.

starchild65d ago

Well, after the first Shadows Die Twice trailer I was nearly certain it was set in feudal Japan. I just wasn't sure whether it would be a Tenchu revival or a new IP altogether.

P_Bomb65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

@19 seconds I was like...Nioh?!? That’s one of my armors, heh

Still surprised Activision’s getting in on the Soulsbornes. It’s such a departure.

porkChop65d ago

Yeah, that caught me off guard. But there's money in Souls games, so I guess it makes sense.

The_Hooligan65d ago

Yup that is the only thing that worries me. I have full confident in From Software but Activision not so much. But I would love to be proven wrong. Also this may be a dumb question but is this Xbox exclusive or will it be on other platforms? I am pretty sure since Activision is producing it will be on multiple platforms. If not then I will definitely be borrowing my friend's Xbox.

P_Bomb64d ago

It’s on PS4 too, no worries. Big PS4 logo pops up at the end, bottom middle of the screen.

Eiyuuou65d ago

As I expected, it's not BB2. Consider me hyped! I love japanese folklore.

Sunny_D65d ago

Yet.... Sony’s is tomorrow...😉

Mr Marvel65d ago

I'll be buying this day 1 for PS4.

starchild65d ago

Day one for me on PC. Then I'll probably get it for my PS4 Pro later on just to support the developer, help the game succeed, and send the message that we want more games like this.

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