Halo Infinite Announced by Microsoft

Halo is back Baby! Microsoft just announced at its E3 press conference a new installment of the franchise that will be titled Halo Infinite.

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The 10th Rider126d ago

I'm not a huge Halo fan, but that was a great trailer to open with and the game looks pretty sweet.

Linktothepast126d ago

How can you tell from that trailer?!

mikeslemonade126d ago

Halo hasn’t mattered since halo 2.

Septic126d ago

The new engine looks insane! Visuals are on another level!

Skull521126d ago

Not sure what this is, Halo 6? Possibly just changing the expected title to indicate they’ll be wrapping up the Master Chief storyline or something. Graphics are what I’ve been hoping for, a new standard, couldn’t be happier though I wish we knew more.

IamTylerDurden1126d ago


Am i missing something? How on earth do the visuals look insane? They didn't really show gameplay, it was essentially a cinematic teaser. The w

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morganfell126d ago

I'm a little stumped. I felt for sure it would be launching this year. If not this year I expected to see a beta before Christmas with an announcement of Early or Mid or just plain 2019 on screen. Maybe later in the conference they'll return to the game and we'll see a date.

126d ago
morganfell126d ago

I would agree but Crackdown 3 is coming to Gamepass on launch day so it means Beta with Gamepass. That should just be a separate promotion - buy Gamepass get into the HALO Infinite beta.

126d ago
morganfell126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

I thought Gears 5 would be shown but I didn't know about Gears Pop. The strategy game seems quite cool though I am afraid that adapting it for console will kill the PC version. As for Gears 5, don't really want the emo version. Why couldn't they have just started with young Marcus and gone through Emergence Day. The characters shown seem to influenced by Final Fantasy.

Also the fact that Crackdown only got a trailer and is day one on Gamepass should tell you what happened to the destruction tech...

Italiano1234567126d ago

They said its a long way off..

morganfell126d ago

"They said its a long way off.."

I have the feeling now that it will be a next gen game.

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ninerguy1608126d ago

Lol. Game looks sweet. How do you know?

getbacktogaming126d ago

it's the chip at the end... cortana will return to make this game great! (lol) They do make nice trailers though

Tobse125d ago

They return to the old artstyle plus cortana gg ez

slate91126d ago

Awesome!! Finally a new engine and classic halo look!! What a way to open up

hulk_bash1987126d ago

Super excited to have Chief front and center again. I cant wait to see more.

Nintentional126d ago

Yeah, I’m excited. New engine looks phenomenal 👌🏼

ZaWarudo126d ago

I hope it's not open world.

Kavorklestein126d ago

Halos are rings... so it would be "open-ring" not open world.

So you basically don't need to worry at all. (;

Vegamyster126d ago

I was hoping to see some gameplay, hopefully they show some later in the conference.

aconnellan126d ago

This Halo is a looooooong way out, per a blog post on Waypoint. I would expect gameplay till *maybe* next E3

P_Bomb126d ago

Looks pretty. I’m picking up some open world vibes.

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