Microsoft was right in 2013: This is the always-on generation

The Xbox One launch was a debacle, but that doesn't mean Microsoft was wrong about the future of gaming.

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BeardedDrachen161d ago

Ha. The DRM micromanagement of games what terrible. That should not be the future.

TheProblem161d ago (Edited 161d ago )


Microsoft wanted to build DRM right into the console. Games that are always online is a totally different thing

MuddyWaters161d ago

Lots don't want to be always on. Sure some games make sense but not all games.

TheProblem161d ago

I'm no fan of online. Single player gamer only.

Skull521161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Microsoft knew the future but broke ass gamers weren’t ready for it. I am.

Since 2013 when they first announced their plan there is not a single instance in 5 years where I couldn’t have met the 24 hour check in they had, and it’s a shame because I was looking forward to their digital sharing they had planned. I have 190 games for Xbox One digitally and no way to share them, wish they would have stuck to the original vision, it would have been embraced once people saw the benefits.

Goldby161d ago


someone income had no difference to their view on DRM

fr0sty161d ago

Always online at will, not by requirement. We know going into it if we buy an online-only game. Much different than locking us out of single player games if we haven't checked in.

solidossnakos161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

In my simple opinion if a game can be played in singleplayer even if it has a an online mode no way in hell it should be always online, I live in a third world country(Tunisia) and my internet connection isn't that good, most of the time I rely on 4G, making me go online to play a single player game is utter shit.

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xer0161d ago

I thought media outlets learned their lesson by now!?
Remember when review sites docked points from games because they didn't have any multi-player???

Just because 70% of adults have an internet connection, it doesn't mean that we all want to be online all the time. Or always on DRM.

What a stupid article.
I didn't think Engadget would write such a click bait opinion piece :/

Nyxus161d ago

There is a difference between offering online features, and requiring a constant connection for the console to work. If they're single player games, there is no good reason to require an internet connection.

rainslacker160d ago

The only online required game I've brought and played this gen is GT:Sport. I didn't buy it until they had a SP campaign. It still requires a connection though.

While there are other games that exist in this same category....namely MMO or MP focused games, that is a far cry from MS bring right about this being the always on generation.

Christopher161d ago

Being always online doesn't mean requiring online checks. Huge difference.

Ashlen161d ago

"but who actually buys discs anymore?"

70% of sales are still at retail so a lot of people.

reaper602161d ago

same here,physical only for me

deno161d ago

I only buy physical, aside from some small indie stuff or old school games.

ImGumbyDammit161d ago

Wrong. That was 3 years ago it is now 40% physical, 60% digital.

showtimefolks161d ago

no sir you are wrong overall digital sales are under 30% of overall gaming sales

161d ago
ImGumbyDammit161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

@showtimefolks You are right I was wrong. I feel so horrible. it wasn't 60% of sales last year in 2017 it was 79% of all video games were sold digitally in the US. There are similar numbers for Europe as well. But, before you go on about my number being PC based number. 92% of all PC games are digital.

Just in 2016 the digital games market generated $83.1 billion in 2016, representing 83 percent of the total $99.6 billion market. This is eight percent more than the $73.1 billion generated in 2015.

EA made 77% of its revenue in 2016 from digital. I can go on and on but, I have made my point. Physical long ago has been surpassed by digital. Now it is true some games still do better with physical version over digital. But, that number is also becoming more and more sparse. Case in point FIFA stills sells at a higher rate for EA on physical but, EA predicts that number will flip within the upcoming year.

rainslacker160d ago

That's revenue Gumby, not units sold. Revenue includes MT, DLC, subscriptions, and digital sales.

As far as the 21%, you're including PC sales, which actually dwarfs console gaming when looked at as a whole, and PC gaming is almost 100% digital, so it skews the numbers. On consoles the averages are closer to 20-30% on any individual game. Even games that require online connections still sell predominately more at retail.

You've made your point, but your point is based off reading the data wrong, and extrapolating information improperly to put it into proper context.

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OffRoadKing161d ago

Most games I buy physical copies, only small indie type game which are usually digital only anyway do I purchase digitally, just preferring having the disc.

Themba76161d ago

not for me im still %90 physical games

showtimefolks161d ago

me too and about 70% of the gamers. There is this vocal minority that will have you believe everyone loves digital. It's like when companies have investor calls they will show digital earnings and gamers jump to oh games sold without realizing most of that is from dlc, loot boxes and micro transactions

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