The Internet Swears Anthem Is Just like Destiny

Aaron from Twinfinite writes:

Everyone and their grandmother knew EA would reveal more information on the upcoming BioWare game Anthem, but nobody quite expected the Internet’s response to be, “Where have I seen this before? Oh, right: Destiny.”

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-Foxtrot189d ago

It's like a Destiny remake or the Destiny sequel you would have expected if Bungie put effort into Destiny 2, not just reskin the same game with a few new things here and there.

morganfell189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

One of the many things I find troubling is this is the largest trade show in which the game will appear prior to launch. And look what we saw. I actually expect the game to be delayed until this time next year or even the following holiday season.

-Foxtrot189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

I honestly felt like we didn't learn anything new...all I saw was shooting things and flying around in a jetpack

They always seem to cut before the big boss battle and the locations they enter from the main map are corridor/tunnel like, a more linear path it seems.

I feel like it's going to become very smoke and mirrors the closer we get to release.

Christopher189d ago

Completely disagree.

People are praising the boring and blandness of Anthem way too much. It showed less than Destiny did a year before its release as far as gameplay and equipment.

I do not get how people are praising Anthem so much considering how little they've shown. Even the demo used just a single weapon that was 'generic' by all accounts. And the gunplay has be cited as 'it's okay, I guess'.

Liqu1d189d ago

It looked pretty but everything else was just meh.

morganfell189d ago

Complete agree ha ha,

Maybe it is me. But I am just not seeing something WoW and were it not continually popping up in one article or another I would have already forgotten about it.

Septic189d ago

The jetpack mechanic looks wicked tbh but yeha I do have my concerns over the gameplay and how any story elements will be handled.

It didn't seem boring to me though. It looks like I could have a lot of fun with mates with this but I'm cautiously optimistic.

gangsta_red189d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I thought the game play in Anthem was awesome. The suits hovering, shooting out missles Robotech style and the co-op gameplay of the different type of suits were cool to see.

I also didn't think Destiny's gameplay was boring either when first shown just never got to play the game.

But even not playing destiny but having friends swear by the first one, Anthem is obviously Destiny like. Let's hope they can improve on the criticisms people had of Destiny and especially Destiny 2.

This will probably be my first Destiny type game to play on consoles....besides Warframe...but that game is a mess.

Christopher188d ago

***Anthem is obviously Destiny like***

Anthem to me is Destiny-like just how BFV is CoD-like.

There are obvious similarities, but they are completely different games in the end. The lack of PvP, strike missions, raids, etc. alone kind of show that. Anthem comparisons to MHW seem more appropriate as far as its long-term goals, which is to allow SP hubs for obtaining missions and the open world to completely them with friends or strangers. No PvP.

I have a ton of questions about weapons and gear in general, as they look pretty limited right now on Anthem. Destiny is all about the loot and power, but what about Anthem? How much customization will we have on suits and equipment?

The flying and swimming was nice, but I'm not going to play for hours just to fly around, it's the actual action that's going to draw me in, and what they've shown so far hasn't done that.

gangsta_red188d ago

"The lack of PvP, strike missions, raids, etc. alone kind of show that."

That was also brought to my attention from a number of folks who played Destiny.

But honestly, those game features I am confident will be added on release or down the road. All these types of MMO and MMO lite games have those.

And if this game is going to be GaaS infused then they will definitely run down the checklist of common game modes to have.

-Foxtrot188d ago

True although I guess people are being blinded by the fact it's the main Bioware studio and that this is it for them really...if the game dosen't hold up then it's the final nail in Biowares coffin.

Seraphim188d ago

I think some praise is people hoping they get it right. Provide expansive content to keep players engaged which is something Destiny often seems to lack. And those who don't like Destiny might find Anthem more interesting since it seems more status quo. The mechanics of Destiny are spot on but Bungie has continuously failed to deliver content, butchered D2, etc.

I agree though, I'm surprised at how little they are saying, still, about Anthem. Though it's release date already blows. 2-22-19. Same day as Days Gone.

I just seen on Twitchs stream w/ a Bioware dev that there are Strongholds. Essentially what is to Destiny a Strike. I believe he mentioned Raids but never went into detail. They said Strongholds are 4 man operations to get the legendary loot but really didn't dive into them at all either. Really all they talked about is the fact there's different javelins (suites) and we're not locked into one but rather collect them and can use any with various load outs of our choice. I hope that they deliver a game that's solid mechanically and has maintains player engagement, compelling, lasting, and sizable end game content. But I'm also skeptical about this actually delivering. However, it should still be an interesting play for a month at the very least. Considering the game was pushed to next year you'd think they'd be talking much more about it though.

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UCForce189d ago

I have to agree with Internet. Anthem just like Destiny.

maybelovehate189d ago

I can't see it. Anthem looks so slow compared to Destiny. And the AI so far in Anthem is non existent. Anthem seems more like Mass Effect Adromeda so far.

morganfell189d ago

In order to launch on time, this game needs to go gold by the middle - end of January at the latest. This means that QA Masters have to go to Sony and MS by the first part of January. Now pull some time for very major holidays. They have to be polishing by some time in November. There actually isn't a lot of development time left. And yeah, the AI was just I.

Gaming_Cousin189d ago

Yawn this is the same crap I heard when people were saying Days Gone and God of War is like The Last of Us

morganfell189d ago

Except those games when seen at E3 possessed very individual and distinct identities.

Dissidia187d ago

As does Anthem.

Which other game allows the same freedom and verticality in flight as Anthem? Which other game allows you to seamlessly go from flight to swimming under water?

Not Destiny
Not Warframe, which people keep calling this a ripoff of.

morganfell187d ago

"Which other game allows the same freedom and verticality in flight as Anthem? Which other game allows you to seamlessly go from flight to swimming under water? "

Those are mechanics. Mechanics are not the same thing as an identity.

PressXtoBacon188d ago

Because it's Iron Man Plays Destiny

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