NieR: Automata coming to Xbox One on June 26

Square Enix has announced NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition for Xbox One. It will launch digitally on June 26.


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Nyxus189d ago

Only digitally? That's strange.

TGGJustin189d ago

Not really. They don't expect it to sell well. They are probably right.

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gamer7804189d ago

It's not uncommon for releases of older games to be digitally only. I'm glad for only 50 u get all the dlc too

morganfell189d ago

Perhaps MS paid to bring them thus making up the difference in risk for the IP owner. Perhaps they looked to see that the number of Xbox owners reached a minimally acceptable number to warrant bringing a game over. Any number of items could be at play.

rainslacker189d ago

It could do pretty well considering the positive word of mouth that it got on PS4 and PC. That word of mouth helped it sell better than it would have at first, and that can carry over to Xbox.

For any Xbox only owner, it's definitely worth a purchase. It's a pretty unique experience.

babadivad189d ago


Who cares why it's coming. It's coming. That's all that matters.

alb1899188d ago

The definitive edition on the X!

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solideagle189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

this is surprise, They have taken downt the news? is it leaked? lol I wonder DMC5 will be on Microsoft conference...

nshpff189d ago

Well apparently DMCV was supposed to be announced at last year's PSX(according to an insider on resetera) so i'm pretty sure it's gonna be at Sony's press conference

yeahright2188d ago

Step further, great news for fans of nier. The more people buying and playing this game, the better.

P_Bomb189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

One likely possibility, is it gets them around the minimum order wall many Japanese devs hit when it comes to publishing on Xbox https://www.windowscentral....

If say, a niche title’s projected sales are smaller than the minimum order MS is asking for (a common problem according to NIS America president Yamashita), that can prevent localization. No one wants to lose money by printing coasters.

Nier’s success coupled with a digital distribution on XB takes away some of that risk/cost and gets around the issue of quotas. Hellblade did something similar.

babadivad189d ago

I only buy digital anyway so I don't care.

I bought a few games on disc earlier in the gen and it annoys me to look for the disc when I want to play those games.

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Hyperstrada188d ago

They know the habits of xbox owners. I don't have many if any friends that buy disk, if almost all the sales will be downloads why bother with a disk save the money. I have 1 disk that crappy Kinect sports game.

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bluefox755189d ago

Oh man, you guys are in for a treat. Definitely pick this up.

Gunstar75189d ago

Thanks for a positive comment.

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SuperSonic91189d ago

Xbox gamers eill get a taste of The Most Important Game of 2017!!!!
Good move SE and MS.
One of the greatest games of all time!

galmi189d ago

Nioh was my game of 2017 but Nier is absolutely awesome

rainslacker189d ago

Certainly worth a play for anyone that hasn't gotten it yet. Game looks incredible on base consoles, so X1X enhancements should make it look stellar.

CaptainObvious878189d ago

Yup, glad to see xbone gamers get to experience a real gem.

Fantomex189d ago

I'm picking it up for sure. Unfortunately it's not physical and I like physical copies, but I'll bite digital this time around.

yeahright2188d ago

Good, you won't be disappointed. Just take my advice and don't stop after one playthrough.

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