At EA Play, Loot Box Controversy Still Loomed over Electronic Arts

EA, DICE and BioWare touched on loot boxes and pay to win concerns.

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zamakli12d ago

I don’t think they’ll be surprised at all, and I don’t think they were surprised this time. No doubt someone at EA has a document estimating the revenue lost by pissing off a percentage of their customer base vs. the revenue milked from those remaining.

-Foxtrot12d ago

Well of course...and it will continue to do so, I mean look at that half arsed quick apology with Battlefront II

Poor little Dennis.

MunchMiller0012d ago

As it should. Never forgive. Never forget.

zamakli11d ago

I’m finally glad that somebody recognized that the only way to make good games is to make sure they maximize my power fantasies without CHEATING me out of it.