Assassin's Creed Odyssey screenshots leaked

Gematsu has discovered the first screenshots of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which has been confirmed by Ubisoft for an E3 2018 reveal, on the servers of

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oasdada189d ago

Looks exactly like origins

CyrusLemont189d ago

Uh-oh was my first reaction when I saw this. Might be too same-y within a year. It looks like they’re taking one more step forward into RPG mechanics with individual gear pieces and dialog options. Hopefully that and the naval gameplay feels refreshing and different enough from Origins.

-Foxtrot189d ago

I know right

This is what they’ll do now, they milked the older games as long as they could and after Origins little change they’ll milk that

TheVetOfGaming189d ago

Looks like every AC game ever made.

goldwyncq189d ago

It's the second game in a planned trilogy spanning Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Does no one remember Brotherhood and Revelations, which were pretty much reskins of AC2 with an added feature or two?

starchild189d ago

This late in the generation did you really expect a significant overhaul in graphics from one year to the next?

Unity looked much better than Black Flag, but Syndicate basically looked the same as Unity, then we had Origins which looked better than either of the previous games, and now we have Odyssey which looks basically like Origins.

In any case, the OP is right that it's a beautiful game.

189d ago
UltraNova188d ago

My last AC games was Black flag. I think I'll get this one this time.

Ceaser9857361188d ago

This probably be the first assassins creed game I will skip buying day 1 if its releasing this Nov.. Will be busy with RDR2 and buy Hitman 2.. Disappointed with Ubi..

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3-4-5189d ago

It looks like a more colorful version of Origins. I still need to beat Origins. I feel like I've put like 30 hours into this game and I'm not even half way through the map.

I've played = to about 2-3 AC games worth of content in AC:Origins, yet am nowhere near completing it.

I wish it retained more of the past AC games can kind of get bland, but the gameplay itself has never been better and just taking out whole fortresses by myself is really pleasing compared to past games but I'm hoping the rest of the story improves a bit.

I got burnt out on the game and need to go back and give it some more time because this new Greek one looks just as fun, but I can't justify buying it until I finish and complete origins.

moomoo319189d ago

You can beat the game at lvl 33 if uve advanced the story enough, my save file said about 50hrs

DerekTweed188d ago

Took me over 80 hours to 100%... well, Uplay still says 99% but I can't find anything left to do.

Bnet343189d ago

another year, another assasins creed game. they have milked the living hell outta this series. Yeesh. ZZZzzZZ its like the same game every year

blackblades189d ago

Looks like another assassins creeds, how many AC are there again?

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StifflerK189d ago

Looks good, although you could easily mistake that screenshot for Alexandria in Ass.Creed Origins.
I hope Ubi takes their time and turns it into a great game that stands on it's own , really don't want them to go back to yearly releases.

Sunny_D189d ago

Same thought I had. The font is even the same. 🤔

Lynx0207189d ago

So there will be dialog option. Nice. It is day one for me, origins is in my top 3 AC games so Odyssey looks very promising. All I want to know now is if there will be playable female character, for me that is the only thing that was missing in Origins.

DasTier189d ago

There was a female playable character in origins...?

Sunny_D189d ago

Maybe he means a full on playabale female character instead of certain parts.

StonieWylder189d ago

You sure you played origins? Lol

Saijahn189d ago

In origins there was a moment you played as Aya

CloudStrife900189d ago

Not sure why you're getting so many downvotes just for being a fan of the series and for being happy with the little bits you've seen of ACO :/

Either way, I understand why people are questioning the design choice. Ubisoft should have listened to the fans and went Feudal Japan and saved this one for after that, just to break up the atmosphere. Still, it's worth pointing out that the culture is massively different and arguably could be the darkest AC to date given the Spartan theme. We'll just have to wait and see. I agree though, a female protagonist is much needed.

warriorcase189d ago

Seems like anyone with something positive to say about it on this article are being downvoted. I guess people can't fathom that some people actually liked Origins.

hamoudeh189d ago

is this the new DLC for assassin's creed origins ?? /s

goldwyncq189d ago

It's to Origins what Brotherhood is to AC2.