New Dead or Alive 6 Gameplay From E3 2018

Check out a bunch of new gameplay from the newest entry to the Dead or Alive franchise.

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getbacktogaming189d ago

Decent visual upgrade... Now give us a new volleyball game with these graphics :P

GottaBjimmyb189d ago

The visuals improved, but only slightly, but those animations are absolutely amazing.

isarai189d ago

missing subsurface scattering though on the skin that last round had, makes them REALLY look like plastic. otherwise looks freakin' fantastic, it's already a day 1 for me as i love the series.

getbacktogaming189d ago

I thought the skin wasn't a nice as the clothing...

Gaming4Life1981189d ago

Looks good, the lighting looks to be upgraded. I will be picking this up.

isarai189d ago

Yeah it's a bit lame, but every fighting game has been doing this these days, sounds terrible but actually doesn't affect things as much as you'd think. yeah it lets even the worse players pull off advance combos, but skill will always trump that. would rather they not be in for sure, but i don't think it'll ruin the game

ZoidsRaven189d ago

That's the point though, isn't it?

You MUST be better then your opponent in almost every way, but what of those of similar skill?
I'm not worried about myself and I don't think this alone ruins the game. I'm just sick to the back teeth of fighting devs making their games for players that don't stay, instead of for those that build it up.
Those that benefit from such a feature likely stay on for the same amount of time as they would have without dumbing down gameplay.

Just because other games share this practice, does not excuse this game for it.

TimelessDbz189d ago


gangsta_red189d ago

What is the deal with these auto combos. Bad enough for anime games but KOF and now this?

gangsta_red189d ago

Was never a fan of the DoA series as I thought the characters were bland and boring looking.

But this game looks pretty fun...and then there's auto combos....straight.

tucky189d ago

More boring looking in this version than in the previous ones