Video Game Streaming and Subscription? Yay or Nay?

EA's Recent Press Conference at E3 paved a way to reveal yet another streaming service into the video game industry. Is the future of gaming in subscription and streaming services?

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shinoff2183186d ago

That's a huge nay. As a gamer/collector that goes against everything. I enjoy having shelves filled with physical release. I currently have between playstation 1-4 some 650-to 700 games(no sports I don't keep those). There's a few gamecube, wii, wii u, and switch games sprinkled in there as well. I enjoy looking at my shelves when trying to find a game to play. I like the fact that when a online store fir whatever system shuts down for good I'll still have my physical copies since I retro game quite a bit.

SegaGamer186d ago

A massive NAY.

Let's deal with Streaming first. My experience with it has been awful so far. I tried streaming my Xbox One to my PC, that was an awful experience, response times were terrible. I tried to use my trial for PSNow, again, it was an awful experience. I couldn't even get PSNow to load up a single game. I tried this on multiple connections on multiple devices, every time it was bad. The places i have seen it work still doesn't come close to being as good as regular gameplay. Streaming gameplay doesn't look anywhere near as good for a start. Picture quality is vastly inferior with streaming. You also need a constant strong connection without a single glitch, this is something that is very VERY unlikely to happen. Data caps are another serious issue. It's not something that i have an issue with with my connection, but that's just me, i'm not the whole world. Streaming gameplay will take up hundreds of gb in a few hours of gameplay, anybody with data caps are going to find themselves with a huge problem.

Now onto subscriptions. If EA are successful, this would just give the rest confidence to do the same thing. Imagine it, all game companies selling their games through a subscription........sounds awful to me. A subscription for EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, get my point. I like having all of my games in one place, i don't want a ton of subscriptions to play those games. Also, as somebody that plays mostly on pc now, i don't want a ton of different apps on my pc, it's just a load of bloatware.

awdevoftw186d ago

Nay. Soon, I will be done with new video games as a hobby, I suppose. The digital only era is looming and will push old gamers that collect out. Good luck to all the gamers that stick to it.

MunchMiller00186d ago

Great for casuals, absolute sacrilege for any enthusiast.

"Streaming" compressed video over the internet with internet grade latency on controls to boot? No thanks.

This is to say nothing of having absolutely zero control of your library.

Servers down? Too bad.

Internet running crappy? Too bad.

Internet down completely? Too bad.

Want to play it 15 years later? Likely too bad.

Want to sell your game after playing? LOL

quenomamen185d ago

Hmmmml let me see, owning my games on disc or being a game renter forever.