Phil Spencer via Twitter: "Excited to world premiere 15 games tomorrow"

Phil Spencer posted about the preparation for tomorrow's MIcrosoft Conference, stating: "Just wrapped our final #XboxE3 rehearsal. Feeling great about the show. Excited to world premiere 15 games tomorrow and much, much more #E32018"

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-Foxtrot13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I'm sure he said this last year and most of them were 3rd party or Indie games.

I'm sure Cyberpunk 2077, Remedy's P7 game and maybe Rocksteady's new game will all be revealed. Halo, Gears of War, Fable. Forza Horizon...there's about 7 games there. Splinter Cell, Just Cause 4, Perfect Dark, the other rumoured Gears of War game.

DigitalRaptor13d ago

Last year he said they had something like 42 games to show, with 20 of them being "console launch exclusive". It turns out that yeah, most of them were 3rd party or indie, or timed-exclusive.

They could have a lot of amazing reveals though, so I'm excited to watch. Like last year they had Metro Exodus, which looked amazing - so if they exceed that which it looks like they're going to, I will consider it a show worth watching.

Fantomex13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

This year my expectations are set to very low after last year's disappointing E3. Third party games or first party games, I want to have mostly good showings on the MS stage.

GamingIVfun13d ago

I hope they have a good show, I really do. They need to announce something truly exciting and follow through with it. I like my Xbox One X, but the entire platform feels really generic and has for most of this generation, anyone interested should want them to do better.

Fantomex13d ago

"anyone interested should want them to do better."

Exactly. They need to improve on their games. Their services are good, their hardware (Xbox One X) is good, now bring on the games.

Hopefully they'll do much better with the software for the whole next generation.

nix13d ago

I already know what they are going to say this time again:

Hello gamers! Are you ready?

Xbox has always listened to gamers that's why we made the most powerful console. Hell ya! (Crowd will go berserk here)

We've got largest-ever catalogue of backward compatibility games.

We've made games as rental.

We've had gazillion bullets fired this year.

Billion people logged in.

And today will be all about games that's why we've brought 15 new world premiere trailers.

Enjoy the show.

(After the trailers...)

Xbox has always been the first place for great looking games.

(Then they'll either show Halo or Gears or Forza trailer... Crackdown will be missing in action)

Aaron: So how was the show???? (Crowd goes berserk again)

Thanks for coming. But wait we have one more thing to show... (Crowd goes berserk again)

(Some third party game will be shown which will be "console exclusive" for 3/6/9/12 months which they will not tell or be clear about, until the hagglings start on Twitter)

Thank you once again. (Montage video of all the games shown will play on the screen as ppl start walking out)


Did I miss something else? Add in please. ;-)

AngelicIceDiamond13d ago

42 games were obviously smaller games or games that were already on PC. No way they were gonna be AAA 3rd or 1st party games, sure a few were. 15 games downsizing it from 42 is telling its mainly gonna be AAA's. We know Battlefield V is one of them so that's 14, Halo Infinite, Gears Spin off, Forza, Crackdown (Pretty sure Crackdown's gonna be there) so that's 10 games confirmed. Cyber Punk is a big one so that leaves 9 games. Out of those 9 games left one of them has to be a new Ip, at least 1 new ip. If we're lucky 2 but I don't wanna get ahead of myself.

Mech Assault, Fable IV and Perfect Dark are nearly pipe dreams games imo.

bouzebbal12d ago

he said world premiere, not exclusives.

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OmnislashVer3613d ago

What bothers me is MS could have put more resources behind games like State of Decay and Sea of Theives and made them atleast AA quality games.

I'm guessing this will be the same. Indies galore and maybe some that have potential but will never fully be realized.

It's like Scalebound- tons of potential but cut short. MS just doesn't seem to want to invest. I'm gonna just stay pessimistic here. I mean if they drop something worthwhile then great but I'm only watching for 3rd party games I can play on PS4.

bolimekurac13d ago

i fully agree, they lacked bigtime and the release of those games in the condition they where in also worries me but we will now see if they turn this ship around or just stay in last place and be happy with that. its a big day tomorrow

thexmanone12d ago

I don`t why all the hate for State of Decay 2. The game is a lot of fun and runs great. And after the 25 gigs of patches it runs even better. Haven`t played Sea of Theives

nucky6412d ago

exactly. and scalebound is another PR disaster for them. MS comes to an e3 to announce a game like scalebound. i was impressed when i first saw it. i thought MS was finally starting to "get it" and maybe i'll be buying an xbox to play this game.......then, they cancel it. MS needs a plan to bring great exclusives to their console - if for no other reason than to show some love to those people who have purchased their hardware. even if they have some cool announcements at their conference - after scalebound, i'm skeptical that the games will actually even get an eventual release.

Solesquared13d ago

You dont take a break being negative I see🙄

indysurfn13d ago

I would not call it negative pointing out lies I would call it negative to lie';'

indysurfn13d ago

I would not call it negative pointing out lies, 'I would call it negative to lie'

Obscure_Observer13d ago


You´re nervous Fox. Chill out little fella. It will be over in a few hours. Lol.

trooper_13d ago

Nervous about what? No actual exclusives?

CaptainObvious87813d ago (Edited 13d ago )

As most astute people have pointed out, that means absolutely nothing. No mention of exclusives at all and a lot of them could be indies. (not that there's anything wrong with indies, I love them, but xbone desperately needs AAA exclusives)

AngelicIceDiamond12d ago

15 games and most of them being indies? That's your prediction, that's a terrible prediction because MS would get boo'd off the stage if 15 of those games were indies.

Blaze92912d ago

@bouzebbal literally said nothing about exclusives lol, and people are complaining

BeOpenMinded12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

The bohemia interactive xbox game is the one I'm kinda psyched about. Hoping it's a tactical sim like arma which is my cup of tea!

Glak1812d ago

Games confirmed so far

These are exclusive...
Halo 6
Gears of War 5
Forza Horizon 4
Age of Empires 4

3rd party multiplat games shown known
Battlefield V
Rage 2
Destiny 2 crap

Rumors likely shown...
JRPG...Dragon Quest?
New Fable
New Bioshock
New Splinter Cell

That's 12 and not excited yet. They could show Cyberpunk 2077, but doesn't matter because it has nothing to do with Microsoft. I forgot about Remedy's P7 and Perfect Dark.

There are 15 games and the best case scenario...that is not saving them. If they don't have at least 1 new IP that looks amazing that comes out of nowhere, they are done....Sega done.

morganfell12d ago

Those games are not exclusive. They appear on PC.

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UltraAtomic13d ago

world premiere meaning third party games. Unless he said windows 10 & xbox exclusives premiere it would have been exciting.

RpgSama13d ago

These world premieres are just first time showed trailers of games that are going to be either everywhere or almost everywhere, same thing happened last year

starchild13d ago

I don't care whether a game is exclusive or multiplat, I just like good games. I really don't care at what conference a game gets shown.

badz14913d ago

THAT is what you say when your platform of choice have no exclusive to offer LOL

Abnor_Mal13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@badz149 Damn, don't do 'em like that lol

mark_parch13d ago

Or that's what you say when you own all platforms LOL

Bruh13d ago

Its really a glass cannon, its exciting cause because seeing new games is always fun, but then you realize that most of those could also be played on PS4. None the less, its exciting to watch, just the substance isn't all that relevant to the success of the One

starchild13d ago


Let's see...I only own a PS4, PS3 and gaming which of those platforms are you referring to?

I'm just saying that I enjoy seeing good games regardless of whether they're multiplats or exclusives.

KiRBY300012d ago

Stating that you dont care if a game is exclusive or not means that multiplatform games are just as important to you as exclusive games.

Armyntt12d ago

@badz, i own both the pro and the X. And I agree with starchild.

morganfell12d ago


He is a PlayStation and PC gamer like me... He has all the choices in the world.

No Way12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Badz - I, prolly like most, own both the XB1 and PS4.. I can play whatever I want. It doesn't matter where I get to play my games. Fact is, both consoles have exclusives; whether you want to acknowledge them or not.

Kirby - I would agree with that statement. Some of the best games are multiplatform. Exclusives ONLY matter to those who own one system; but, more so for the console makers. If they are fine without, so be it. I, as a gamer, could care less if it's exclusive or multiplatform.

81BX12d ago

Is a mindless drone. Exclusives are anti consumer. You've been programmed well by the big corps to believe a game could only be made because of the console it's on and not because of the devs.... smh

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MuddyWaters13d ago

Exactly. If he clarified even 7 Windows/Xbox games that would be great but to simply say 15 games means nothing.

AngelicIceDiamond13d ago

So 15 games hes showing off mean nothing even if you have no clue of what they are? I dunno if you're reaching, being a fanboy or what.

rainslacker12d ago

15 games we haven't seen before is more than nothing. Regardless of if they're exclusive or not. We.may know about some of them, but haven't seen any footage yet.

All in all, worth watching regardless.of console preference because a good number of those games are likely going to be on other platforms

tontontam013d ago

if he said that only xbox fanboys will watch the conference, they are doing this to increase viewership to show a good face to the investors.

AngelicIceDiamond13d ago

I don't see why it matters, you're just twisting things. World premier meaning never before seen games or trailers.

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crazyCoconuts13d ago

I'm just hoping for a surprise or two.

SuperSaiyanGod4113d ago

They got nothing to lose. Hope Phil Spencer ain't trolling. That's alot of games.

mark_parch13d ago

It depends what he means by world premiere. it could be world premiere gameplay on ori for example or world premiere of wrecking zone ( crackdown 3 multiplayer ) or world premiere of the last night gameplay. i'm still only expecting halo, gears and forza then maybe 2 new exclusives at the most, maybe something from capcom