E3 2018: The Rise of Streamed Gaming Is 2018's Scariest New Trend

Game streaming could be the future, and it could bring some serious problems with it.

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Christopher186d ago

ISPs now: we need to charge more for these movie streaming services!

ISPs a few years from now: we need to charge more for these game streaming services!

186d ago
shinoff2183186d ago

The u.s. internet infrastructure is not good enough for streaming games. Period. We're way off of that.

zsquaresoff186d ago

Its not just US, streaming is so bad here in Dubai that PSnow is not even available to us as an option to use.

Tross186d ago

Or, we could just put a stop to this "trend" by not partaking in it. Problem solved.

FlyingFoxy186d ago

People are sheep, that's why most follow the herd.. same with movies, games, everything.
I'm the complete opposite, doing the same thing as everyone else is boring.

Streaming (if any at all) should be left to local hardware only IMO when it comes to gaming.

Tross186d ago

Agreed. People also forget that trends are only trends if the consumer buys into them. It doesn't matter how much some companies want something to catch on if it doesn't. The trick is to not buy into them. Alas, I also often lack faith in the consumer as some people will do whatever big companies want them to do. I think as informed consumers though we can at least do our part by not contributing to unsavoury business practices.

bolimekurac186d ago

can they stream these games in 4k with no lag, if not then it wont take hold and a console will be needed regardless. hardcore gamers will expect 4k 60 with hdr and no lag. if they can pull that off with no graphic degradation then im all in, if not then im still in as long as there is a console to go along with it making it a option

gtxgamer2183d ago

Nah f*ck that! Traditional platforms are a must.