Top 6 Phrases You'll Hear Too Many Times at E3

E3 2018 is finally upon us and whether you're at the show in LA or watching from home, one group of people we'll all be seeing a lot of is the executive-types eager to help you part ways with your hard-earned cash. Which of these signature catchphrases will we hear the most over the next 4 days?

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salmonade186d ago

Thanks to Microsoft they've diluted the term 'exclusive' because they're embarrassed that they actually don't really have any. But gamers aren't fooled, they know who brings in the real exclusives. Nintendo and Sony.

nowitzki2004186d ago

The things I hear most is... Switch Version?? and Battle Royale??

crazyCoconuts186d ago

Can't wait to hear "WORLD EXCLUSIVE" voiced by the Halo craptastic dude 15 times tonight... 😏

Segata186d ago

The word I hate devs and publishers (mainly western mouths) use so much it's lost all meaning is "innovative"