Pure Opinion: We Were Safer With Kojima at Konami (Satire)

Pure PlayStation: At the risk of sounding like the crazy-haired guy from the History Channel who thinks everything is aliens, here is what I am pondering: what if Konami was the reason that Kojima put out such good games? Throw up if you need to and come right back. I know this sounds like blasphemy against our lord and savior Kojima, but hear me out.

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chrisx105d ago

you mean we were safer with a kojima in bondage? sorry, this is BS.

JasonFrye105d ago

This is not a serious post. Check out the video.

ArchangelMike105d ago

Brilliantly funny video, which may actual just have a point.

A wise man once asked me what was the difference between a river and a swamp?

A river has banks which help channel the movement and flow of water; it is this movement and flow that brings life.
A swamp on the other hand, has no banks to direct the flow of water, and as a result it overflows and stagnates.

Forgive the metaphor, but I do hope that Sony are still able to quality control Death Stranding, obviously without infringing on Kojima's creative freedom. But I think Sony will remember Fumito Ueda and he whole saga with The Last Guardian, and I'm sure they will not want another game in development hell for 10 years.

morganfell105d ago

Or you could consider that all this time Kojima was IN a swamp at Konami. Now the dam has been broken and that powerful creative freedomn is free to flow where it likes, carving its own banks.

ArchangelMike105d ago

Touche! Well put, I like it.

You're right ofcourse. I personally believe that Kojima leaving Konami and setting up his own studio is the best thing that happened to him. As much as I loved the MGS franchise, we can finally see what else Kojima's creative genius can conjure up, now that he's not forced to churn out MGS games.

morganfell105d ago

I have long long been a fan of Mads Mikkelsen. He is a fellow Scandinavian as well as a true thespian. And his respect for Kojima says it all:

getbacktogaming104d ago

@ArchangelMike could never really get into the MGS games (started with IV)... just a matter of personnal taste of course but I am hoping the story here will be less convoluted and draw me in now that it's a fresh/brand new IP :D

AspiringProGenji105d ago

Kojima is at home with Sony. It’s where he belongs

- The bibble

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RainbowBrite105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

meh "humor"

Silly gameAr105d ago

Careful guys. It's a satire trap.

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