What Do You Want To See From Nintendo At E3 2018?

Nintendo Life predict... some predictions.

With E3 2018 set to kick off this weekend with the showcases from many of the big publishers and platformer holders in the video game industry, Dom Reseigh-Lincoln thought it was high time he cooked up a fresh batch of predictions. Team Nintendo Life has gathered together its collective hopes and dreams for the show .

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Nyxus162d ago

Paper Mario for Switch, but one with the old battle system, not like the newer ones.

naruga162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

i would say they must announce a new more photorealistic Zelda (like twilight princess) and one New IP action platformer in the steps of Splatoon and Mario Oddyssey ....they r expertise in these fields and need new characters. I Splatoon and its Inkgirls are perfect but are way too multiplayer centered games ....i dont see them announce smthing worthy third party that wont be out for PS4 no need in this field to be hyped from Nintendo ....also i m waiting to see that Star Fox Racing game ,i predict that would very qualitesque like Mario Kart 8

MrSec84162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

A great showing from Smash, with a huge roster of characters and stages, good story mode and online Multiplayer modes to sell Switch's online system.
Pikmin 4 finally gets a reveal and release date for 2018, Yoshi and Fire Emblem get good new Gameplay showings with solid 2018 release dates shown.
Metroid Prime 4 gets a gameplay reveal, with an early 2019 release date that fits inside of Nintendo's 2018 fiscal year (so before April 2019).

At least one new IP launching this fiscal year.
Ports of Wonderful 101 and Super Mario 3D World coming to Switch this holiday.

Anything more would be cool, but besides more info on Pokémon about the world size and differences between each Let's Go release I don't think Switch needs much else this year.
Possibly a couple of new Labo sets, DLC for Mario Odyssey and remasters of the classic console Pikmin and Metroid games for Switch coming this calendar year would be awesome.

Any new IPs, new entries from classic Nintendo franchises or 3rd party collaborations would be great.

I'm mostly looking forward to Sony, Nintendo and Bethesda's shows, hope Microsoft does bring back some Classic games franchises they haven't used for ages and new IPs.