H1Z1 On PS4 Is A Great Alternative To Fortnite

Kotaku: “I’ve played some Fortnite matches alone and with friends, but the game never it clicks with me. I don’t like building or dealing with expert builders. So I was excited to try out the previously PC only H1Z1, which recently started an open beta on PS4. While the basic setup of H1Z1 is similar to Fortnite, playing it feels very different. At times H1Z1 is much slower than Fortnite, and other times it’s faster and more chaotic. Unlike Fortnite, I can’t stop playing H1Z1.”

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163d ago
Godmars290162d ago

Isn't Fortnite on the PS4? And given that H1Z1 has 7 million player on the system, not seeing the point for any comparisons or suggesting it as an alternative.

Kiwi66162d ago

Why shouldn't they be compared as they are both Battle Royale games aren't they

Godmars290162d ago

Thing is the existence of both on one system hasn't effected how well either is doing. Kike saying "this glass of water is better than this other glass of water".

IamTylerDurden1162d ago

H1Z1 is taking off on PS4. Who knew?

Opinionatedlovesme162d ago

You probably said the same when Fortnite BR released and articles said that PUBG has to watch out lol.

OffRoadKing162d ago

Nope, anything else you want to be wrong about?

hit17388162d ago

Yup I'm loving it. Just needs a option for 3rd person aiming like on pc.

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