Whatever, I'm stoked for Rage 2


That's the question a lot of people asked when the potential existence of Rage 2 was leaked by a Canadian Walmart page. It's a valid question, one would assume. After all, 2011's Rage was released to a mixed reaction that ranged from lukewarm to outright negative.

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masterfox106d ago

The question is does the game uses Megatextures ? :D

105d ago
Psychosious105d ago

Whatever..... article finished

Omnisonne105d ago

Excited to see more tonight, but not making any conclusions yet on buying it or not.. need to see gameplay.

TheSanchezDavid100d ago

Did you enjoy the original? I really did. After playing Rage 2 at E3, I'd say it's more of the same, but also, there's some cool new stuff. The shooting feels even more fast-paced this time around.

Fist4achin105d ago

I enjoyed Rage 1 and will be supporting the sequel. Cant wait to dig into some more vehicle combat!

TheSanchezDavid100d ago

I loved Rage 1. The vehicle stuff I wasn't too crazy about, but hopefully it's fun this time around.