The Last of Us is worth returning to, 5 years later

The Last of Us may be five years old, but it’s still the best big game story out there. If you have access to a PlayStation 4 and haven’t played it yet, you should definitely get your hands on the The Last of Us Remastered.

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chrisx162d ago

instant classic. one of the best games I've ever played.

BiggerBoss161d ago

I'm gonna go ahead and "third" that.

One of my favorite games, and I'm betting that Part 2 will be one of the best games this gen.

SmielmaN161d ago

An amazing game that is one of the All-Time Best!

Lon3wolf161d ago

Indeed, and I'm thinking of another play through before 2 drops.

SixFragz161d ago

Indeed, and i'm thinking of the platinum before 2 drops.

AlphaCentyros161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Without a doubt. I’m usually not really into these types of games, but man... TLOU was on another level. God-tier games from the Naughty Gods.

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LevelSmack162d ago

I agree one of the best games ever made!

AspiringProGenji162d ago

The multiplayer is still alive and it is as fun as ever.

BiggerBoss161d ago

I never got into TLOU multiplayer just because I got my ass kicked😂

That doesn't mean the MP isn't good though, CLEARLY it IS good, I was just too late to the party.

Silly gameAr161d ago

There's still games going on MP? I loved the MP. That's reason enough to play again.

DrumBeat161d ago

Definitely true. I've played this game so many times I can't count.

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The story is too old to be commented.