PS5 And Next Xbox’s Ultimate Goal Shouldn’t Only Be 60fps – Tennis World Tour Dev

You always know what the next Xbox and PlayStation will bring to the table- they'll be the same as the consoles we have now, just more powerful and prettier games.

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Nyxus191d ago

I agree, not every game needs to be 60FPS. Should be up to the developer how to utilize the power.

FITgamer191d ago

Every game doesn't need to be 60 FPS, but every game should be. Every game has something to benefit from having higher frame rates.

Nyxus191d ago

Should be up to the developer.

fiveby9191d ago

I'd say every console needs to be 4k / 60 fps capable. If the game dev chooses not to for some reason that is their decision. But the console tech should not be the bottleneck.

starchild191d ago

I do agree that every type of game benefits from 60fps, but I still think each developer should decide how to use the hardware's resources.

Personally, I think that mandating 60fps for every game on the base consoles just holds everything back. I would prefer the base consoles target 30fps, so that we get more improvement in the core visuals and gameplay experience on all platforms. Leave 60fps to the PC and upgraded consoles (PS5 Pro, for example).

starchild191d ago

The other thing I want to mention is that with HDMI 2.1 equipped displays on the horizon (and even a few Samsung QLED TVs available now) next gen consoles should be able to support variable refresh rates (as the XB1X does now).

This means that even fluctuating framerates can feel very smooth. In my experience with Gsync monitors I can honestly say that a variable framerate between, let's say, 40 and 55fps actually feels quite good. Not quite "60fps-smooth" but pretty close (and much much better than 30fps). And it's a lot easier for the hardware to achieve than a solid 60fps.

So if the base consoles feature variable refresh rates and can hit between 35 and 55fps that's plenty good enough. It also means that the "Pro" consoles should be able to hit framerates that average above 60fps (say, between 55 and 75fps) and high end PCs can offer even higher framerates.

This seems like the right approach, which should give everyone a great experience.

FinalFantasyFanatic190d ago

We all want 4k 60fps,the question I think should be asked is how quickly said technology can trickle down to console prices. The 1080ti of this gen is the only gpu cable enough and even then it can't always manage it. We'd have to see what next gen GPUs are like and where they stand. I think we'll see 1440p or around that figure, especially if 60fps is the standard frame rate.

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Movefasta1993191d ago

every game needs to be 60fps, it's time.

Movefasta1993191d ago

it will be 2020 by the time the ps5 releases probably and then the xbox, let's get this frame rate drama out of the way.

IamTylerDurden1191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

No they don't. God of War 3 on PS3 ran at about 40fps and it worked beautifully. I don't understand why everyone is so stuck on "locked 60 or NOTHING!". This Digital Foundry age we live in has convinced people that every game must adhere to these same standards, and that's bs. Even developers are warped. Some devs who strive for and fail to hit 60 end up locking their game at 30. They lock it at 30 when it could sit at 35-45 consistently. The 30 and 60 numbers aren't the holy grail, more devs and more people should accept unlocked framerates or framerates that sit from 35-50. I understand the criticism of Bethesda games, 25fps is not cool, but as long as the overall experience is good and it fits the game people need to be more open.

starchild190d ago

Uncapped framerates feel horrible on standard 60Hz or 120Hz displays. Framerate consistency is key. I knew I hated fluctuating framerates long before there were sites like Digital Foundry.

When a framerate fluctuates on a standard (non-variable refresh rate display) the result is constant irregular stutter. It looks like crap and feels like crap. That's why developers do their best to make sure their games can either maintain a solid 30fps or a solid 60fps.

Zeref190d ago

I feel like 30fps will still have a place. It really does feel more cinematic. Movies are 24fps after all.

It should always be an option going forward.
30fps with higher quality visuals or 60fps with bit less quality visuals.

Kryptix190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Lots of people in denial to think 30fps is better than 60 or there's barely any difference, but when the first console to reach 60fps consistently emerges, that's all that is going to be talked about for a good while.

When you never gamed on PC, then you're conditioned to accept sub-par performance, it's the typical mentality.

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DarkVoyager191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Games no matter the type will always play better at 60fps. It’s a much smoother experience and the controls are much more responsive. 60fps needs to become the norm next generation.

Nyxus191d ago

Can be, but it's still the developer's decision.

CurbStompin191d ago

Id rather have 1080p 60 then 4K 30 anyday. I feel every game should have that option.

MuddyWaters191d ago

Funny how you say that when most games give you this option on the pc, so I guess all those developers see the benefit of it. Now tell us again why this isn't the case most of the time on consoles?

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BeardedDrachen191d ago

It should also be dynamic environments with more realistic AI. More unique missions and side quests and deeper stories. 60fps is nice, but it doesn’t make or break a game.

Drakengard 3 was a game with a generally poor framerate.. but my god the story was compelling.

IamTylerDurden1191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

I think people are too focused on specific numbers. Some believe that if it's not a locked 60 then it's subpar. Or, if it isn't native 2160p (4K) that it's inadequate. Developers should do what is best for the game. Whether it's 2160p checkerboard or 40-50fps, they need to focus on creating the best art they can regardless of numbers.

I believe that developers are stuck in archaic gameplay tropes and methods. There isn't enough innovation in games whether it's how they are structured, combat, level design, ect. I feel as though we are basically getting the same type of games we were the last two gens but just prettier. I'd like to see devs use that power to create more compelling experiences. Whether it's the way characters or the world interact with you or a fundamental advancement in how combat is designed. Perhaps a deep learning AI could be implemented into NPCs or the world? VR is a good step, but i'd like to see non VR devs take make some strides as well.

Apocalypse Shadow191d ago

I agree with nyxus, bearded and Tyler. Detail and frame rate are nice but overblown.

The closer we got to pc level graphics on console, with developers coming from there, we ended up with the constant pursuit of the perfect image. With the downside of patches,dlc and buggy games. But the real problem was when gamers started nitpicking 60fps dropping to 59fps or something like that. Or attacking a smooth 30fps as if it's unplayable. Or, that 1080p is not good enough and needs to be 4K with HDR and super sampling and blah blah blah to be fun. Their need for detail and high resolution is getting in the way of games that feel more alive.

I hope games on the next consoles push for more "LIFE." Games like Horizon ZD, Motorstorm and Driveclub were memorable because they were lively with physics and simulation models.I want dynamic time of day, weather effects, damage/destructible objects and smart/random A.I. I don't care if it's at 30fps. A lively game is better than a pretty and sterile empty game.

And if they can get some of those next Gen games running in vr, that would be even greater as an optional way to play.

MuddyWaters191d ago

Well if you can convince me Assassins Creed on your PS4 is a better experience at 30fps than it on a pc at 60fps i'll eat my hat. This isn't about pc elitism, this is ALL about the limitations of the console hardware and they know people like you would rather have fancy graphics than smoother gameplay and that is the choice you've made because you can have both on the pc. Driveclub would be even better if Sony allowed it on the pc. You cannot convince anyone it wouldn't be a better experience on your PS4 if the option was available on the pc. The only reason why you argue about it's fine on the PS4 is because that is the only option available.

GT Sport plays very well and it's 60fps, Driveclub would be even better too if the hardware allowed it. Even Naughty Dog knows this when they talked about The Last of Us Remastered. Problem is the hardware will not allow them to have 60fps with The Last of Us 2 because they are pushing graphics even more. If it was on the pc you'd have that option, this is why you can make an argument you don't care, there is no other option.

Apocalypse Shadow190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Muddy waters. ...ummm no. 60fps is already possible on ps4 right now in every game. But not every developer cares about 60fps. And I don't care about 60fps in every game like you do. I'm aware it's smoother than 30fps. I've been playing games longer than you to know that. But I don't discredit 30fps as not playable like some people.

If the developer decides that their game can only run at 30fps with everything else turned up, I can live with it. And, the only reason high fidelity can work and have high frame rates on pc is because you have to spend the money for a good card to have it. Not every pc runs the top games at 60fps.

But some of you have your priorities twisted on what's important in gaming. Guess you missed out on Drive Club, GOW, Uncharted, Horizon ZD,etc since you love 60fps so much.

Guess you'll be missing out on some of the top AAA games next Gen when they'll be 30fps as well.

BehindTheRows191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

60fps can definitely make/break a game, depending on the genre (such as fighting or racing).

That said, I agree that we need deeper stories, better (and more advanced) AI, dynamic envirnoments, etc...

Kryptix191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

I don't see how 60fps can break a genre when it greatly improves movement fluidity, frame pacing, and input latency. I look at real life and I don't see it break before my eyes unless you have some rare motion sickness syndrome.

BehindTheRows191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

@Kryptix: Uh, I didn't say "break the game". 'Make or break' is a saying. I meant it can be a game changer. It is OBVIOUSLY an improvement. The one you should have quoted was the one who implied that 60fps didn't really make for a substantial difference, which would be BeardedDrachen.

SierraGuy191d ago

Everyone keeps saying "deeper stories"...go read a book for crying out loud.

Also 30fps sucks big time in any game. Sorry but I have eyes and senses.

Someone downplaying 60fps vs 30 has no clue.

BehindTheRows191d ago

@ SierraGuy: You can get deep stories from several mediums. No need for the superiority complex.

Also, 30fps doesn't "suck in any game", but 60 is obviously better (though I don't know who you're talking to, as no one argued otherwise).

FinalFantasyFanatic190d ago


Ask the fighting game community feels about that, they really want that 60fps minimum for completive play.

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Godmars290191d ago

"It should also be dynamic environments with more realistic AI. More unique missions and side quests and deeper stories."

And where have you seen any attempt of that - from one side of this subject?

"They've" really only been concerned with online community, MP, shooters.

TheCommentator191d ago

Why do you have to turn everything into a Sony vs. Microsoft argument? The OP you're commenting towards said nothing of platform in their post.

Godmars290190d ago

Why are all of your comments the exact same thing?

I mean: The Exact. Same. Thing.

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KwietStorm191d ago

If I had the universal option to run every console game at 60 frames or higher, I wouldn't care what else they do with them. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X finally started moving in that direction, and for next generation, games should have settings at least somewhat in line with what we can do on PC, which is adjust them to our liking rather than just selecting performance or graphics modes. If you prefer better LOD, you can do that, acknowledging that other settings will be affected. If you want better frames rates and response times at the expense of detail, we should be able to do that. Ambient Occlusion, PBR, Draw Distance, etc. Some games do it now. This should be a standard thing moving forward.

bluefox755191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Not ONLY, obviously, but it should be the priority. It's just a better gaming experience. It's smoother, and there's less input lag.

Kabaneri191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

4K 60 fps is great but I would prefer they focus on more realistic texrures, dynamic light, bigger worlds, and better physics.