Microsoft E3 2018 Preview: Halo Infinity, Gears 5, Fable 4 And More

What could Microsoft possibly present at this year's E3?

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maybelovehate106d ago

My wishlist for Microsoft.

1. New version of the Elite controller. Great controller but it has a fault where the grips and shoulder buttons wear out after a couple years of use. Needs to be updated.

2. If they want to make Windows Store something that users will love they need to make an interface for PC that is usable by controller without constantly having to go to keyboard mouse.

3. Better HDR support in Windows 10. HDR gaming is such a mess right now with manually setting the OS etc. They need to work hard with NVidia to make this more seamless. They also need to allow Dolby Vision without so many headaches. This one might be on NVidia but work with them.

Jinger105d ago

That's a, uh, pretty weak wishlist.

Eonjay105d ago

1. Agreed the controller is too much not to last longer.
2. Do you mean Windows Store on PC
3. HDR in general is a bit of a mess due to different implementations across manufacturers but I agree that PC has it the worst and this needs to be fixed.

TheKingKratos105d ago

No wonder you guys get such a bad support if that's all you want from microsoft.

combatcash105d ago

Yup I want new exclusives shown lol. Store set up is non issue for me. HDR works great on the X. We just need the games to showcase what it can do. So please provide some new games.

candystop105d ago

🤔Strange words......what are exclusives?

maybelovehate105d ago

Microsoft needs to make a great platform for developers to release great games. Already so many great games being made.

starchild105d ago

There are lots of games on all platforms. And while I do think exclusives matter, they aren't all that matter, despite the way some users act around here.

As a PC gamer I thought his list was pretty good (except I don't personally care as much about the elite controller), since his second and third point are two of the biggest things I'd like Microsoft to address.

Dragonscale104d ago

No wonder theres no new ip's for xbox when their fans are more excited for anything but lol.

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Cmv38105d ago

So more of the same...

BluEx610105d ago

For reals..... I'm sick of them talking about the same games Halo, Gears, and Forza...... How about some god damn new IP's..... Sure MS tried with some new IP's like Ryse, Quantum Break, and Sunset Overdrive, but it's not enough. It's like the end of the 360 generation all over again..... I didn't even play the last Halo or Gears..... And I used to be the biggest fans of those back in the 360 days.

Ausbo105d ago

Microsoft’s new ip just haven’t done super well. I don’t think that’s the problem. The problem is these games haven’t lived up to the quality of say Sony or Nintendo’s first party

TeamIcoFan105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

How about a new Alan Wake game with XB1X enhancements?
Or a sequel to Lost Odyssey?

combatcash105d ago

For me.
New Fable.
Alan wake sequel.
New gears
Scalebound please.
Something new and fresh.

For starters.

MrSec84105d ago

What about some remakes or remasters of those games for the current gen?

Along with new entries that would be great IMO.

TeamIcoFan105d ago

A remake or remaster of both of those would be great, but I think it's more likely they'll just update BC support for those instead if they're not supported already.

MrSec84105d ago

They need to bring back classic franchises like Banjo, Conker, Perfect Dark, Kameo, Viva Pinata, make great new entries in those games.

If Fable is in development at Playground Games it needs to be a huge, open world fantasy RPG, with solid story focus and a great quest system, with awesome magic and Melee gameplay.
Have emergent gameplay with great AI.
If they must add in multiplayer make it a side feature, but with a seemlessly connection to the SP mode.

New IPs from Microsoft needs to happen and they need to make solid single player games with good stories.

Have a wide variety of unique titles, be it smaller Indies to AAA, puzzle games, side scrollers and huge action games.

Even a new Rare Sports title, like Kinect Sports Rivals, only make it a great, none Kinect game, with a Pilot Wings style vibe and perhaps some Wave Race style jet ski action.

I'm fine seeing Halo, Forza, Gears, etc if they actually look great in gameplay and Microsoft brings more variety to their lineup.

Really crossing my fingers that they knock it out the park this year, with a great showing of quality 1st party and Partner exclusive XBox games.

Please don't have the poor showings that have become a standard thing in the XBox One's generation.

Sciurus_vulgaris105d ago

1. Perfect Dark Reboot
2. Halo 6
3. Ori and the Will of the Wisp
4. Gears of War news
5. A surprising new (or returning) IP.

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