Geoff Keighley to interview Hideo Kojima after PlayStation E3 Showcase

Geoff Keighley: "Once there was an interview. Monday, following the PlayStation showcase, I will be joined by Hideo Kojima for an exclusive live interview on Youtube. Not something you will want to miss."

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The_Jackel162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

that sounds about right those two are besties :)

PhantomS42162d ago

Keighley interviews are the worst.

The_Jackel162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

why not explain why? not just say it with no opinions on why you dont like them

PhantomS42162d ago

Well if you ever saw Geoff Keighley interview you know he is a complete a**hole making the whole thing about him, not asking any real questions about the game, keeps pushing over and over when a devs say they can't talk about something to the point you can visually see the developer getting annoyed that he won't stop. Geoff Keighley is cancer to the games industry, a hack journalist with a massive ego that doesn't care about games just about himself.

Veneno162d ago

F#ck the Oscars!!! How could you not love that interview? Or the time Keighley made that Xbox suit look like a fool about the lack of games coming to the 360? That was funny!

PhantomS42162d ago

The "f*ck" the oscars" was the most embarrassing, cringe-worthy, god-awful rant that should have never happened and a good example of why you don't let someone who you saw doing blow in the back room near a microphone. It's more just another reason why Keighley should not be allowed near the game awards because when he does them they are always a dumpster fire.

Jinger162d ago

can't wait to see some gameplay!

BehindTheRows162d ago

Just feels like he's going to be another Quantic Dream for Sony, in the long run. He develops the games, Sony owns the properties. Can't go wrong with it, as I expect Death Stranding to be glorious on the PS4 and PS4 Pro!

Persian_Immortal162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

I dont know if you remember the secret Sony studio VASG is working with alongside Naughty Dog, they mentioned working on certain franchises on the job postings and even called Death Stranding a franchise so it looks like sequels could be planned otherwise why call it a franchise. Though I guess this also means Kojima knows Sony's secret studio since he works with same studio helping them out aswell, heck he might know what the game is but yeah hes heavily invested into the PlayStation family at the moment.