NA PlayStation Store Days Of Play Flash Sale Is Live; God Of War, More Exclusives Discounted

North American PlayStation Store is offering a brand new flash sale this week called Days of Play sale.

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TheGamez100163d ago

Welp time to get myself SoTC

Stanjara162d ago

Yes, I just bought it myself! It's majestic!

starchild162d ago

Yeah, it's at a great price right now. And a masterpiece of a game.

crazychris4124163d ago

Sweet Lost Legacy for $16.50. Now I just need 1st light to get a sale.

Rimeskeem162d ago

That was free on PS+ a while ago i think.

elazz163d ago

Anyone can recommend Call of Duty WW2 (no DLC). I feel there are not many split screen shooters/action games and this one would be a fun one to play together with my brother. Played Black Ops 3 together for about 15 - 20 hours total and am anticipating a similar amount for this game. Unless there are any other split screen games I should get (already have many sports games, Borderlands, Rocket League, A Way Out)

crazychris4124162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

It's Call of Duty, you know what you're getting. Maybe check out Wipeout collection or any Lego game

Stanjara162d ago

Diablo, Alienation, Rayman


I can recommend call of duty ww2. Great game. Online was great. Only stopped playing because of god of war and now detroit.

bluefox755162d ago

My girlfriend and I have probably put 80 hours into Diablo 3 together, this was cool because she rarely plays video games.

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FallenAngel1984163d ago

Seeing FFXV Royal Edition at $25 really steams my gears

Bought the base game at $60, the season pass at $25, & the Royal Pack at $15. Yet now latecomers can now get the game at a fraction of the price

Takwin163d ago

This is absolutely standard practice in video games. Most of them, one year after release, in a complete edition, for $40 instead of the $60+. And, when it goes on sale, $35-$30 is common for games many people passed on at launch, and all fully patched up and DLC'd out. It's good for gaming and for you.

FallenAngel1984163d ago

I have no issue with GOTY editions coming out so soon after a game releases, but this is a matter of the Royal Pack content not being included in the Season Pass

crazychris4124162d ago

Sales happen much more sooner after launch. Wolfenstein 2 was half off less than a month after launch, Far Cry 5 is already $20 off. Its smarter and cheaper just waiting a couple months.

hulk_bash1987162d ago

I mean, that's the cost of buying a game on release day. This is all pretty much standard practice.

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Knushwood Butt163d ago

Time to snag Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition, and prepare for the VR experience.

Vanfernal162d ago

Not for the faint of heart!

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