Amazon Slashes Up To 62% Off Recently Released Titles

Amazon is offering up to 62% discount off on recently released titles for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One right now. These deals include some of the best AAA titles, including the PS4 exclusive God of War that came out two months ago.

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cellfluid162d ago

Amazon stay with the banger sales!!!

CrimsonWing69162d ago

yea now if only they could ship things out in good condition it'd be a win win!

kayoss162d ago

I hate it when they say. "Up to". Usually only 1 or two games are actually 62% off.

showtimefolks162d ago

Amazon hasn't been putting up any decent sales

nommers161d ago

And looking at it, that 1 game appears to be mgs survive :/

Orionsangel162d ago

Far Cry 5 will be 20 bucks digitally in a month. I can wait.

bluefox755162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Amazon video game sales are usually pretty meh. Check out Days of Play if you have a ps4, you can get GTS and HZD Complete Edition for $20 each. Both fantastic games, get em if you haven't.

kneon162d ago

Their E3 sales are great, it's usually 20-30% off on pre-orders. And because of price increases after placing my orders I've ended up getting 40-50% off the retail price at launch.

optimus161d ago

Amazon has 6 months of gamepass for $30 right now. Not a bad deal considering you can finish about 10-12 games in that time.

MaximusTKG161d ago

Maybe if you don't have a job...took me a month just to beat God of War.

optimus161d ago

I didn't know god of war was on gamepass. 🙄.... There are plenty of games on gamepass that you can finish in a week or so. Job or no job.

LiamKreptic160d ago


Word of advice...don’t speak to this fool. He will take any measures to change the subject and twist your words. You didn’t even say god of war was on gamepass yet he still said that.

These Xboners need to learn to argue better!

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