This Year's E3 is Nintendo's to Lose

With all the leaks and rumors hitting E3, it's Nintendo's Stage gamers know so little about. With this year being Nintendo's most ambitious in recent years. Can Nintendo rest their treehouse Live Event on the back of Smash Brothers and Pokemon Lets go Pikachu and Let's Go Evee for the Switch? How should Nintendo tackle 3rd party games? Most importantly, how Nintendo could win E3.

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FallenAngel1984194d ago

It’s actually Sony’s show to lose since no matter what at the end of the expo the PS4 will still be the console with the most anticipated upcoming games

Neonridr193d ago

for some.. I mean I am super excited for Spiderman (got the collector's edition on preorder), Ghosts and TLOU2. But I am equally excited for Smash and Pokemon. Plus hoping for a few other surprises from Nintendo (Metroid please).

All in all, I expect good things from both companies.

Eonjay193d ago

No, its true, Death Stranding, The Last of Us 2, Ghost, and Spiderman are an unstoppable force when it comes to interest. Sure it will be cool to see Smash and Pokemon but straight up anticipation definitely goes to Sony. The Last of Us and Death Stranding each by themselves could single-handily eclipse the entirety of the show. Spiderman brings in more money than any superhero character on the planet. Bloggers can snub Sony all they want but in reality, there is no beating them this year.

Neonridr193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

@Eonjay - I think there is still so much mystery surrounding Death Stranding and Ghosts. So I am definitely excited to know more about both titles. Plus we know TLOU2 will be awesome. And then there is legitimate hope for Spiderman. I agree that they are basically set to have any amazing show. Anything extra is really just bonus.

Aceman18193d ago

As of now the only games I'm buying on switch this is octopath traveler, and mainline fire Emblem for this year so far. Hopefully they'll have something else of interest I want to buy

Tigerblud193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Nintendo has more we don't know about. We know what Sony is brining.

Last year everyone was upset because Sony didn't show much new and couldn't give us dates.

wonderfulmonkeyman193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Sony's sitting pretty on a golden infallible throne, around these parts.XD
But in reality, Nintendo's the one with the bigger set-up this time around, and has a lot more in-house stuff to show off.
PS4 having the most anticpated upcoming games is subjective, especially in the case of multiplats that players could get elsewhere instead. [PC primarily]
And it's an even tougher statement if you're just comparing first party exclusives, which have always had Nintendo as the king.

Don't get me wrong; I'm sure TLOU 2 is going to be an AMAZING game. The story has a lot left to tell and I expect to see all of the drama and action I learned to love from the original.[Hopefully with less child death, though...that got me sad...]

But there's no way I'm going to be looking forward to that more than, say, Metroid Prime 4 or Smash, let alone any other surprises Nintendo's SURE to have in store.

Segata192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Sony is only showing 4 games this E3 and already announced games. Switch is now in its second year and while they said they would mainly focus on 2017 titles,doesn't mean they don't have some surprise announcements plus show the new Fire Emblem and a Bayonetta 3/Metroid Prime 4 trailer. Might even see the rumored Ridge Racer 8. Smash will be mega hype regardless.

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Garethvk194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Their stock is in free fall and investors are worried. Sony is outselling them again with a huge list of exclusives that are well beyond the abilities of the Switch. Sorry but not excited over a new Smash Bros or any other pending reads for it Our Switch gathering dust just like the Wii U before it. Meanwhile God of War and Detroit are in heavy rotation as well be Spider Man, Last of us 2, and Days Gone.

TallonIV193d ago

It's all preference. Same thing could be said about PS4. Mine has been gathering dust since I finished God of War in 2 days and I've never had any interest in interactive movies. Days Gone is not previewing well so that's a little worrisome.

I haven't been able to put down my Switch with Donkey Kong, Bayo 2 and Bloodstained. Switch also has many exclusives coming this year, Octopath traveller, Smash, Pokemon, Fire Emblem and I'm sure more will be announced at E3.

BTW, stock rises and falls all the time. You actually think investors are worried when Pokemon and Smash are still coming this year? I don't think so.

Neonridr193d ago

free fall? are you serious. Their company is worth billions upon billions. You may not be excited for Smash or Pokemon, but believe me, the rest of the world is. Watch how many millions those games sell.

ImGumbyDammit193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I think freefall is a bad word in this case. It did take heavy dive recently. I think the problem is not the Switch sale numbers or even the recent dry spell for Nintendo's own IP on the device but. the need of future services related to Switch contributing to revenue. Investors are looking farther downline and worried that Nintendos online service is looking like an anemic option. This is a problem because there is a growing need to enhance revenue stream by these services (just ask Xbox and PS as they make a billion+ a year on Live Gold and PSPlus). So, as console sale numbers stabilize (and actual overall sales decline usually around year 4) that revenue increase from services is important. The issue is that Nintendo is only getting to the point of having a service at the end of the second year of the device. It is something that should have existed day one. It takes a while to build up the user base. Plus, the whole online service from various people I have talked to seems to be a very convoluted experience. There is also a growing concern that limited capabilities of the device and the focus of Nintendo on games only are making certain third-party services (like streaming video) more and more unlikely (very little has been done by either Netflix or Nintendo to move the needle in getting the service on the device, same goes for a variety of other options.) The device is in a competitive mobile market with tablets. Early purchasers (first couple of years) are more likely to have gaming interests first and more elastic on the pricing and lack of need for other services in their buying decision. This is not exactly true for later device purchases (e.g. year three onward). Investors worry at some point these later buyers will see that Switch doesn't have these services and can be detrimental to further growth.

Plus there is the fact that third-party games have not been really successful on the device. Nintendo's IP has been successful but, little else. Without third-party current games making money and thus continue the willingness to support the device it will become WiiU all over again. This has investors worried when looking at Nintendo's overall numbers.

wonderfulmonkeyman193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Pfft.XD A lousy 5% is not "freefall", and investors have sold stock over Nintendo refusing to make games for phones, where they could charge customers for the ability to make Mario jump higher. [And yes, that's a legitimate thing. Look it up.]
Stocks rise and fall quite frequently; by this time a few months from now, they'll have quite easily recovered, and probably even sooner if E3 is as good as people are predicting it will be for Nintendo.

Nintendo just outsold both Sony and Microsoft 2 to 1 over in Japan recently and their exclusives keep Nintendo in a high profit margin, frequently hitting over 1M in multiple places.
Sony's "huge list" of exclusives is not far and away above Nintendo's list, and being above the Switch's technical limitations doesn't automatically make them better games than, say, Metroid Prime 4 or Smash, let alone any other surprises that Monolith or Retro may have for the show.

PhoenixUp194d ago

Hard for Nintendo to steal the show when the majority of what people will be talking about are games arriving on PS4.

Switch’s upcoming library doesn’t outnumber the exclusives and multiplats set to release on PS4.

Neonridr193d ago

quantity is not greater than quality though. But I agree, Sony has a bunch of great games coming. Nintendo needs to pull out a few surprises this E3 since we don't know much about what is yet to come.

PhoenixUp193d ago

A lot of those games are of quality

pcz192d ago

Don't have shown all their cards. Nintendo always have something up their sleeves.

A mini N64 would win E3, in my book...

masterfox193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Steal the show ?, they haven't win an E3 show since decades ago and with a old specs hardware like the Switch there's nothing interesting will surface from that thing, and no people just showing 1 game like Zelda or Mario did in the past two e3 shows is not a meaning of a good E3 presentation is actually pretty sad just need a bit of common sense to understand it, I mean seriously last E3 you literally went crazy for just a Metroid Title screen, yes a title screen! and some Nintendo fans think it won that E3 because of that?, omg! I'm sorry but that is so so sad to see.

Come on Nintendo fans I know you can do better than that!

wonderfulmonkeyman193d ago

Switch's reveal beat the shit out of everything last E3.
I know you're bitter against Nintendo, but wake up and smell reality; the only one who hates Nintendo to the point that they'll pretend they've never won an E3, around here, is you.

InTheLab193d ago

Nintendo has won some E3s but none recently. Switch reveal was like "oh here we go again ". Hardware doesn't matter to me.

There was one E3 where Nintendo dropped 6 or 7 games that year for the wiiu. Maybe 2010. That show stood out. Nothing they have done since has matched that...

TekoIie193d ago (Edited 193d ago )


So they didn't win last year when MS was basically showing nothing but 3rd parties and Sony basically showed more of what we had already seen, and knew was coming (and in some cases still not gotten)? Nintendo had a great presentation last year, especially so when you consider the bashing that was going on with it being only 30 mins long.

And if they didn't win then who did lol?

OnlyThoseOnTheFence193d ago

There was an article on here a few days ago about hos this E3 is Microsoft's to lose...Either you guys change your stance every day or you don't pay any attention to the articles you post. SMH. Can't wait until you guys post another article saying it's Sony's E3 to lose...

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