Jade Raymond on EA Motive's New IP: I Really Want To Create A Positive Story About Humanity

Jade Raymond, founder of EA Motive, talked about the new open world action game IP and said she really wants to create a positive story about humanity.

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-Foxtrot161d ago

Hard to create a positive story about humanity with EA breathing down your of the most negative things of humanity, a greedy ass corporation.

Imp0ssibl3161d ago

Are they responsible for polluting the oceans too? That's exaggerated

-Foxtrot161d ago

You'd be surprised how many corporations in this world glide over the easiest to do ethical stuff just to make even a tad more profit. No matter if it's Gaming, Film, Car, Food, Water, Electricity, Oil, Gas etc companies...

Point's EA, after the Star Wars cancellation, she's not in a very good boat is she?

MWH161d ago

He was talking within context, you're taking his comment to a different direction on the other hand.

161d ago
UltraNova161d ago


Its a humanity that can be sold to us for money, dude common!

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morganfell161d ago

When she says humanity she means a social justice game so yeah, EA will back that.

-Foxtrot161d ago

Starring Anita Skarkisan, Zoe Quinn and Brianna Wu

johndoe11211161d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth.

PUBG161d ago


Good call on that. It seems to be the trend with the largest publishers these days.

Bobafret161d ago

My Antifa comment was meant for Foxtrot.

morganfell161d ago

But that doesn't make any sense as they are all SJW warriors and likely to support antifa as well.

UltraNova161d ago

So wait a minute, say she actually meant that(the SJW stuff) if they made a game with male protagonists they wouldn't promote ot like that "A Positive Story About Humanity"? So what then? " Modern atrocities"?

Damn we are headed for the gutter as a species...

Inzo160d ago


Dont joke, this might become a reality! Then again it will be great to watch it tank.

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Godmars290161d ago

Take bets to how long before its made into a MP game if its not already?

And if it is MP, if its only MP, how the heck to tell a positive story about humanity when you know people d**ks throughout it?

Bobafret161d ago

You are late for your Antifa meeting...

morganfell161d ago

What? Actually you have it wrong. I would only go to an antifa meeting to slap those people. Antifa people are the ones often filled with SJW types.

techsquisite161d ago

Not arguing that but instead of focusing on the negative I would suggest positive reinforcement. Especially if this is something the community wants. The ideas start there.

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RuleNumber5161d ago

So this is a fictional story....

InKnight7s161d ago

Well for a company that ruined Mass Effect, Dragon Age, NFS, Star Wars and almost BF + act like a ***** about MT. So yeah humanity is an absolute legend and fictional story for such firm.

TheCommentator161d ago

I'm glad someone said it, there's nothing positive about humanity. Agent Smith said it best when he likened humanity to a virus.

Software_Lover160d ago

My thoughts exactly. The Human story is a tragedy. It will not end well, not matter how much we "learn" about the past.

jobboy161d ago

i love that woman... she's really sexy /ot

letsa_go161d ago

I agree, she is gorgeous and talented!

Cybermario161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

*you have to pay for the positive loot boxes and the positive DLC* Sorry, i had to do it guys.

KaiPow161d ago

I'm positive you're going to love these new gun skins.

jagermaster619161d ago

Purchase five loot boxes and get the next free!

MWH161d ago

Do they come in pink?

bigmalky161d ago

No, just yellow. That's the most positive colour.

jagermaster619161d ago

Pink is the new blue so no! Diarrhea green it shall be.

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PaleMoonDeath161d ago

After what you lot did to Amy Hennig's Star Wars single player game? No hope. Unless it has some sort of way to milk it, these mofo's just won't make it. Vile company, truly.

Jaypi03161d ago

I think you may be blaming her for something some big time executive probably made a move on. I'm hoping EA can learn it's lesson, as they truly do have some good IP's and when they really let their devs breath, they can make some decent games.

morganfell161d ago

Look at BFV. This is where they are heading. I am guessing they will try to tone down any Anthem trailers to avoid backlash but at the end of the day they can't make a game anymore and just shut up. Its the thing with Neil Druckmann for which I absolutely do not care. He is embroiled with that as well but ND has kept a bit of a lid on him so far though you can see it in the cracks.