It’s Actually Okay for Video Games to Have Political Slants

Some adult gamers hate video games being infiltrated by real-world political slants but, really, why shouldn’t our favorite pastime feature real-world views?

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kalkano15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

It's pretty simple. A lot of us play games to ESCAPE from reality, not to be beat over the head with it. By injecting politics into your games, you're going to end up turning off a large portion of your fanbase, regardless of what those politics are.

Reaprr15d ago

You have a point.
I also think artists should be free to express themselves as they please.
If devs want to put politics in their games, whilst not my cup of tea, so be it.

kalkano15d ago

Of course they should be free to do so. It just might come with the consequence of fewer sales (might).

Cobra95113d ago

If the devs want to, yes. If the devs are intimidated into it by political factions, no.

GottaBjimmyb13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I agree 100% that any game or piece of media can have a slant. However, I think that means anyone has a right to criticize it also, or disagree with that slant/choice.

I haven't heard anyone suggest it should not be allowed or is a be banned, just dissenting opinions on the POV presented...

This article suggests that just because people are upset about a decision or dislike a decision, that that suddenly means they feel that means it has to be removed, I find that to be untrue IMO.

Funny these people writing these articles (like this and the BFV articles) happen to many time be the same ones that are upset that steam will not discriminate against no matter how negatively the content is perceived by some. It is almost like they only agree with freedom of speech when it is the speech they like, weird how that works.

shinoff218315d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Don't play thise games then. I don't mind it. I don't like fox news so o just don't turn it on. Easy

Bobafret13d ago

Contrary to popular belief Fox News is not the bastion of conservatism it is made out to be. These days anything right of Antifa is seen as a Nazi apparently.

Atticus_finch13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Boba Fox news is the only news channels that makes it's viewers dumber.

bluefox75513d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Honestly, Fox News is different than it used to be, at least relatively speaking. The modern left has shifted so far to the left, that even though Fox News is still right wing, and still hacky, it is now closer to the center than the other cable news networks. Not my opinion either, there have been studies done that prove this: https://www.washingtonpost....

kneon13d ago

Art has always been influenced by the politics of the day. If games are going to be considered art then including political themes is only natural. Now I understand that this could be a problem if you lean right as creative and more educated people tend to lean left.

Cobra95113d ago

That's simply not true. Many highly educated and creative people don't fall prey to Marxist ideals.

InMyOpinion13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@ Cobra951 - Although the people who are most upset & vocal about politics or ethnical and sexual diversity in games tend to be alt-right incels...

kneon13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

And only the less educated think being on the left of the spectrum makes you Marxist. In the US there is no real left, only right of center, really right and insanely right. Bernie Sanders is a centrist by world standards.

DonkeyWalrus13d ago

Hahaha that's ridiculous. What do you mean by "educated" people? College snowflakes who have yet to experience the real world? Look, people of true intelligence and wisdom fall smack in the middle, occasionally swaying to either the left or right. The further out you are on either side of the spectrum, the more of a complete dunce you are likely to be.

Balance is the key, the middle way is the only truly correct way. However it is difficult to know where the exact center is, which is why the scale often sways left or right. Truly intelligent liberals and conservatives dont actually disagree on much, but it is reasonable arguments and debate between them that keeps the balance from shifting too far to one side and aims to find the central point where everything is perfectly balanced.

SJWs and the alt right are just bickering children who have taken up extreme views on one side or the other. Both are minority groups that nobody actually seems to like in the real world. SJWs just have a foothold amongst Hollywood elites (interestingly, the people who are constantly being busted for raping women and children) and certain college "professors" (the ones who teach classes like "hipster studies" or "body mods 101" or perhaps "tumblr sociology").

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FunAndGun13d ago

So you want to escape from reality, but you want a realistic acurate representation of war? Got it.

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maybelovehate15d ago

As long as games are a form of art, which they are, developers expressing themselves is not only fine but a good thing. We don't have to agree with it, but the developer should tell their story how they want.

Rimeskeem15d ago

If you get upset over a video game (and it's from the statements and such and not gameplay) then you should probably just playing the game and go into the ocean where you belong.

Kabaneri13d ago

Why the ocean? Do fish not have political opinions?

GamesMaster198214d ago

I don't really care either way as long as the game is good and tells a good story, thats all that matters too me.

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