5 E3 Announcements That Turned Out to Be Total Dumpster Fires

These reveals and showcases may go down as one of the worst in E3 history.

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gamerpop39d ago

The poor old Vita. Still travels with me to this day...

BiggerBoss38d ago

The Vita was such a tragedy.

It was such a powerful handheld, but consumers just didn't latch onto it.

Yi-Long38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Great screen, great specs, but ridiculously overpriced memory cards quickly made it a non-starter for many. Even when I had one, I wouldn't buy games for the simple reason my 8/16 GB card was full, and it would have cost too much money to buy a new one, and I didn't want to remove the games which were on it.

Bought a 64GB card in Hong Kong last year orso, where it was actually affordable, but back in Holland a simple 32GB card would have cost me at least as much as I paid for the 64GB card in HK.

SierraGuy37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Way better than Switch. Ahead of it's time if you ask me and probably collectible one day.

yellowgerbil38d ago

The best lineup ever. Most were cancelled or not released and those that have are mediocre

BiggerBoss38d ago

Lmao, best lineup in Xbox history.

Gotta love it.

DialgaMarine38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I thought they were going to list PS3 because of the tags lol

Also, if you’re going to include Wonder Book, might as well throw Kinect in as well. Sesame Street, anyone? lol

PhantomS4238d ago

Don't you dare talk smack about Skittles the tiger! Agreed though a lot of those demos were hilarious and painful to watch.

The 10th Rider38d ago

To be fair though, from a sales perspective Kinect was a huge success. It also had a fair number of games that weere a critical success.

DialgaMarine38d ago

True, but its far better known for its blunders, such as being the thing Rare was forced to make crappy games for, and one of the most embarrassingly bad Star Wars game in recebt memory. It also kindof fell the map pretty quickly, and played a huge role in botching Xbone’s launch.

Segata38d ago

Wii U, Wii Motion Sensor, Wonderbook, Kinect,Vita 3G AT&T, Wii Music, PS3 Price, US Saturn Launch "Saturnday" ,Game Boy Advance Micro. Are some of mine. I can't remember if Matrix Online was announced at E3 but SEGA was hyping it up as something SEGA fans were asking for and making it sound like a massive deal. Then never heard about it again.

Imalwaysright38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The Sega Saturn has got to be the worse. "Hey the console is on the shelves right now... surprise!! Oh and it costs $400" and right after Sega's conference comes Sony and says that the PS1, a console that unlike the Saturn was designed to offer fully realized 3D worlds for the players to immerse themselves in, costs $300. That day marked the beggining of the end for Sega's hardware.

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