'Fortnite' Just Appeared On A Nintendo Switch eShop Update

A hacker has discovered code inside a recent Nintendo Switch eShop update that not only references Epic's insanely popular Fortnite, but even contains a Switch home menu icon for the game.

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Foraoise16d ago

late goddamn. Copy and paste. C'mon man. Someone report this...

Foraoise16d ago

fucking seriouslu?! this was leaked BEFORE PALADINS. and there are already like 12 articles on this!!!

Holy FUCK n4G! Fucking idiots downvoting me. fucktards!!

Foraoise15d ago

You all are seriously ignorant and don't keep up with shit at all. This was leaked BEFORE Paladin's update was. Smh.

Fucking idiots and fucking copy and paste article. Idiots.

Reaprr16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Paladin and now Fortnite
What the heck is blizzard waiting for?
put Overwatch on Switch.

luckytrouble16d ago

The problem is that Overwatch isn't made in such a way that it's easy to downgrade it to Switch level without harming the integrity of the product. I'm sure Blizzard would have been all over porting if not for the mobile requirement of the Switch that turns pretty games developed by anyone but Nintendo into something that would be at home on the PS2 in its early years.

Flash425615d ago

Except overwatchs graphical style lends itself to still looking good on the switch.

showtimefolks16d ago

This makes me wanna believe the earlier leak thar suggest 2 Pokémon games and fortnite on switch. That leak had my favorite part fallout 3 so hopefully Bethesda announces something for current Gen consoles