What Valve’s Refusal To Curate Means For Indie Games

The year is 2018. Valve have stated they will intervene even less than they did previously in what will be sold via Steam. Everything will be allowed. This year will likely see over 10,000 games released on Steam. The content is coming, and we are powerless to stop it. We must go back.

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dedicatedtogamers188d ago

Curation for political and ideological reasons (which is why all these journalists are up in arms) is a COMPLETELY SEPARATE issue from curation as a form quality-control.

You can allow panty-sniffing games on your platform while also removing games that are straight-up broken or violate explicit laws, which is the stance Valve has taken. "Broken" games can be reported via Steam's internal systems and required no change to their rules.

Quality-control is being used as an unrelated strawman argument by folks who were actually arguing for censorship.

Gh05t188d ago

Forget that! If you dont like it feel free to release your game on a different platform... Oh wait You want what Steam has to offer (its userbase) but dont like the rules. If your game is truly good it will still get noticed, there is plenty of press, other curators, "influencers" etc... stop pretending like your game would have been a huge success but it got lost in the trash heap. Name ONE GAME that this has actually happened too because its bad right now so there should still be one game that would have been as HUGE as Minecraft if not for all the other games that no one saw it..

Jaypi03188d ago

Imo it means that indie devs who do make quality products will end up just being lumped up with people who make broken games, and unlike AAA companies, they don't have the budget to market their games to rise above all of the trash games, that come along side the quality indies.

I guess ultimately indie devs have consoles as a safer place to launch their games as they have more quality control than Steam does.