God of War’s Side Content Will Have Consequences In Potential Sequels, Cory Barlog Says

It is good to hear that this content will continue to be built upon in the upcoming sequels.

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SuperSaiyanGod41163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

I agree, I totally would love that idea. I love the way Cory Barlog keeps thinking of adding more kinds of gameplay ideas to try an keep the series fresh and feel like a new experience. Let's make it happen Cory Barlog and Sony Santa Monica studios.

He might have taken notes from Detroit where having doing certain decisions could affect the outcome of your game later. I know QD wasn't the first to do it but I notice Cory Barlog and his team has taken certain aspects of different games and put it all in one game which is why this god of war game was so successful.

solideagle163d ago

*mild Spoiler*

I wonder if certain 9 characters will help in sequel against a certain queen...

ZombieKiller163d ago

@solideagle: I need to see more of those fights. I sometimes go there and fight them for the hell of it. I absolutely LOVE the 1 on 1. One can hope that story will continue

TyrellCorp163d ago

That certainly didn’t feel like the end of that story. And with how the game concluded, I think that’s an excellent idea to keep an eye on.

DanteVFenris666163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Honestly this is probably what he is talking about.

Most of the side quests I don’t really think have any consequence that I can see of.

But this one and maybe freeing those 3 things are probably what he is talking about

ZombieKiller163d ago

You can tell Cory really likes making games. There is a ton of detail, work, thought and mostly love embedded within the final product. I really can not wait to see what the trilogy does with Kratos and Atreus and cant wait to see what happens.
SPOILER: Does anyone else think that Freya may be the main villain this time around? That monologue at the end. Or do you think she will pull an Athena and completely forgive Kratos and end up helping him?

Goldby163d ago

She is a goddess associated with war and death. I could see her being the overall villian now, like above thor and odin in terms of a threat to the two of them

TheKingKratos162d ago

I think she will help him just to get revenge on Odin and Thor and turn on him after he wins

madforaday163d ago

Does that mean there will be another PS4 God of War game? I feel like it is a stretch to do this on the PS5. The PS5 won't have the save file on it to know, right?

ZombieKiller163d ago

I bet the 3rd game will be on PS5 like last gen from PS2 to PS3. Remember GOW2 was on PS2 at the end of it's cycle. I wouldn't be surprised if the PS5 was backwards compatible and came out around a similar time to GOW2, then the 3rd game will be fully on PS5.

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RainbowBrite163d ago

This Cory Barlog guy really like interviews, uh

bluefox755163d ago

The game is a massive success both critically and with sales. I doubt he's seeking out interviews, the people want to talk to him. He is good at interviews though.

163d ago
Aceman18163d ago

He also likes to make great games that people love, I sure wished a certain companies devs liked to make games 😉

ZombieKiller163d ago

Not as much as you like disagrees

RainbowBrite163d ago

Oh If I only care if people agree or not with me... it would be so easy, "Oh, this Cory Barlog guy, sure is handsome" and I'd get a 100 ups

ILostMyMind163d ago

He is almost a Phil Spencer.

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Software_Lover163d ago

Pulling a page from Mass Effect (not saying that they were the first to do it, or that they did it properly for that matter). I like that.

TFJWM163d ago

Mass Effect had big differences in what happened i can't think of any GoW side quests that really mattered

Eonjay163d ago

I think they are talking about the quests themselves. Some are very interesting that lead you on many multipart assignments that actually add to the story. Especially, the side quest about the Valkyries. The quests have enough depth to them that they can easily be drawn out or continued in another game.

TFJWM163d ago

@Eonjay Ahh I got you for some reason I was thinking your decisions carried over. I really enjoyed the quests and pretty sure I completed all of them so expanding them would be good.

Gianoni33163d ago

It seems that they really have something bigger designed for the series ... it would be great and much better than the previous trilogy, which left many solutions to the last chapter and lost a lot of potential in terms of character development (Poseidon, Hades and Hercules, for example)

Name Last Name163d ago


Expected, releasing the valkyries must have an effect in the world. Might see the freed dragons come back, including the dwarf one.

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