Phil Spencer says Xbox E3 conference will be about 100 minutes long

Phil Spencer on Twitter: "Should be closer to 100 minutes from our last run-through."

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BlueBlue109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

About the same length as last year's E3, hopefully they'll showcase some surprises. I predict that they'll start with Cyberpunk 2077.

I_am_Batman109d ago

That's a bold prediction. I like it. I hope that Ms has some first party surprises for us as well.

UltraNova109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Well CP wont be exclusive so what's the point? Xbox needs true exclusives, quality ones. If they manage that then there's still hope.

Common MS enter the arena like you mean it, its about frickin time!

fewDankMemes109d ago


If Sony can win E3 with Shenmue 3 and Final Fantasy 7 remake, then why can't Microsoft also have a chance by showing third party, non exclusive games?

morganfell109d ago

"..., then why can't Microsoft also have a chance by showing third party, non exclusive games?"

You get the chance you earn. Sony doesn't just show those multiplatform 3rd party games. They have exclusive titles that do not appear on other valid gaming platforms.

nix109d ago

Xbox Fanboys' Hope Rises Again...

mikeslemonade108d ago

90 minutes will be about multiplats.

Christopher108d ago

***Well CP wont be exclusive so what's the point? Xbox needs true exclusives, quality ones. If they manage that then there's still hope. ***

Same point as Destiny and CoD on Sony stages, exclusive timed content and it's on your stage rather than nowhere as CDPR doesn't have their own event.

IamTylerDurden1108d ago (Edited 108d ago )


Claiming that Sony only won E3 2015 because of FFVII Remake and Shenmue is disingenuous. Do you realize that Horizon and The Last Guardian were announced at that show? Dreams was also announced and the grand finale was that amazing Uncharted 4 gameplay demo with the Jeep. Games like World of Final Fantasy and Firewatch were announced as well. E3 2015 was an incredible conference for Sony even without FFVII and Shenmue.

ULTp0ltergeist108d ago

Cyberpunk 2077 exclusive on the latest hardware and high-end PC. I don't mind.

TheUndertaker85108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

@morganfell: And so does Microsoft so what’s your point?

@IAmTylerDurden1: The Last Guardian was announced waaaayyyy before 2015 as it was originally intended to be a PS3 title that took too long and got reworked for PS4. Dreams was also announced first for PS3.

World of Final Fantasy and Firewatch are both multiplatform.

ThanatosDMC108d ago

They'll call them "console exclusives"

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--bienio--109d ago

Why?? That not make sense?? It’s 3rd part title..they need something what coming on Xbox and Pc not PS4

BlueBlue109d ago

I just have a gut feeling that they'll start by it. Just like 2013's Metal Gear.

Gh05t108d ago

I dont think it will happen, BUT ...Why would starting your conference with arguably one of the most anticipated showings at this years E3 be worse than throwing a brand new IP that no one knows about or worse maybe the Halo, GoW, Forza which everyone expects.

Start strong and end strong.

-Foxtrot108d ago

Third party wise they will show that during the conference

Cyberpunk 2077
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Remedy's P7
Battlefield V

To name a few

gangsta_red108d ago

The rumored Superman game is suppose to be shown on their stage also.

No Way108d ago

What if Microsoft locked up the Superman game as an exclusive?! :O

If not, they really should - as Spiderman is exclusive to Playstation.

TheUndertaker85108d ago

@No Way: THQ used to do the same with the WWF/WWE games. RAW was exclusive to Xbox and Smackdown! was exclusive to PlayStation.

I actually enjoyed the model as RAW was created specifically for Xbox where it had the opportunity to take advantage of the Xbox hardware and features while Smackdown! did the same on PlayStation.

Eventually though THQ gave in and created Smackdown! vs RAW which went multiplatform. When it did many things went out the window and the game became... A lot of copy and paste. 😕

I’d love to see a Superman title exclusive to Xbox for those reasons. The product could be created to specifically take advantage of Xbox One & One X.


Add in capcoms game, new ip from rare. Fable, something from sega. Maybe scalebounds returns?

fewDankMemes108d ago

There is no way MS secured exclusivity or even marketing for a rocksteady game. Every Batman game was marketed on PlayStation and even Arkham Knight debuted at PSX.

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Ninja_Ryu108d ago

I think a lot of Xbox fans will be disappointed after Microsoft press conference.

starchild108d ago

Let's hope not. Microsoft needs to step it up.

TheCommentator108d ago

I think a lot of PS fans will label the Xbox presser as disappointing no matter what gets shown.

ThanatosDMC108d ago


I'm all ready disappointed. Lol!

showtimefolks108d ago

Hopefully they will show some must have exclusives for Xbox one


Hoping we hear about segas visit. Partnership? Possible buyout?

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XiNatsuDragnel109d ago

So no 2hr? Sad but at least a confirmed timeslot.

mark_parch109d ago

probably was 2 hours but they have decided to not show some stuff like maybe crackdown 3

ocelot07109d ago

Yer with the rumour of Crackdown 3 being delayed. Maybe they where going to show some stuff for it. But with it being delayed maybe they have cut what ever they where going to show of it.

Septic109d ago

You think they were going to dedicate 20 minutes to Crackdown alone?

mark_parch109d ago

When they do show crackdown 3 again it needs to be at least 10min, a 30 second trailer like last year just wont cut it. they absolutely have to show a huge chunk of multiplayer including the cloud destruction and maybe 4 player co-op campaign

morganfell109d ago


It needs to be with actual Xbox gamers sitting in their homes with an average connection. They can have them on Skype running on Xbox Live, not some closed LAN on stage. Then they can show that everything is in place and how perfect and flawless it operates.

AmUnRa108d ago

"Decided to not show some stuff like maybe crackdown 3."

That was uncalled for, that is a hit below the waistline 😉

TheCommentator108d ago

@ morganfell

You can't be that ignorant that you still think cloud computing is a fantasy... FFS... Epic bought Cloudgine, the tech that runs CD3 in the cloud.

Prettygoodgamer108d ago (Edited 108d ago )


No one believes that cloud computing is fake it's been done for decades including mmos like world of warcraft and pretty much anything online at all,what people called as fake was MS saying it would make the original Xbox 1 4 times more powerful which proved to be complete vapour hence them making the Xbox 1 x to cover that gap.

There is nothing special or magical about cloud computing it's all been done before, MS and it's fake claims were the problem.

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Codedan109d ago

Probably just in case something could be added last second

mark_parch108d ago

looks like I was wrong, Microsoft have confirmed crackdown 3 will be at e3. lets hope we finally get to see cloud destruction and that it actually looks good unlike last year. fingers crossed

DialgaMarine109d ago

But will Xbox have quality?

109d ago
obidanshinobi109d ago

With Phil in charge probably not.
At least Crackdown 3 should be great, when it finally arrives......

zerocarnage108d ago

Xbox has plenty of quality it's just the moronic fanboys don't see it because your not invested and can't see beyond your stupidness of exclusives.

There is plenty that Microsoft does just as good as Sony if not better. Quality does not just mean exclusives and because of that there is much Sony also needs to do to bring quality up because there infrastructure is no where near what Microsoft's is. So there we have a stupid tit for tat argument and the fact all three developers are always needing to do things better but the fanboys won't agree with that because they will say it's just Nintendo and Microsoft, that need to which is pathetic.

DialgaMarine108d ago

@zerocarnage Because a console quality isn’t judged on exclusives. Riiiight... With that logic, the industry doesn’t multiple consoles; hell the industry wouldn’t need consoles at all, if exclusives were “stupid”.

And infrastructure? Like what? PSN need to shove a million and one ads in your face like XBL?

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Brazz109d ago

Yup, i agree.
xbox got a big problem here, since their exclusives for the first half of 2018 are some sub 70 games. Also, don't forget the weak 2017 that was just disappointing...

bluefox755109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Let's hope they bring quality, and not smoke and mirrors. They need a big surprise IMO. Something that makes people say: "Finally! Xbox is back!"

IamTylerDurden1108d ago

It's a shame Crackdown 3 is delayed to 2019.

King_Lothric108d ago


Lol how can you say that when Xbox has released Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 with horrible quality and content.

Sorry but Xbox doesn't have quality or quantity.

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