Proposed Hawaii Loot Box Ban Makes Sense

Asura Kagawa from NoobFeed writes - Parents and youth may not consider buying loot boxes to be on the same level as purchasing a scratch ticket or placing a wager at a casino, but in reality, there is little difference.

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Inzo189d ago

These are the people Pachter called idiots, people who want to protect children from falling victim to gambling, MTs and the shady practices of companies like EA and Activision. I think Pachter is the idiot.

DerekTweed189d ago

IIRC Patcher called them idiots because gambling is illegal in Hawaii. This means they can't say you need to be over 21 because it's gambling.

It seems they are not really using gambling as the reason for making games with loot boxes age restricted to 21.

And the title is misleading because they are not banning loot boxes they are regulating them.