The One Game we Hope to see from Sony at E3 2018

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "On Monday and Tuesday, we covered our wants and wishes from the third party developers, but now our focus shifts over to the big three. Starting the first of our last three Knights of the Round-Cable is Sony who has been on a torrid pace over the last few years with so many exciting exclusives and Remastered, currently making the PS4 the console to have for this generation. We don’t expect Sony to slow down by any means and has us wishing big things when it comes to what they will be bringing to E3 2018 and that is exactly what we will be discussing today."

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Ninja_Ryu104d ago

I would like to see a new syphon filter or Socom game

naruga104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Bloodborne 2 , (New Fromsoft Ip exclusive for Ps4 will be better), Monster Hunter World G or 5 exclusive for PS4, ..........or the unrealistic Dream of Crash Bandicoot 4 developped and bougth back by Sony or the super unlikely rumor (that i saw circulate )that Metal gear is being bought by Sony and a Metal gear is in developemt from Kojima .... these things will blow up E3 for PS4 imo ...i would like a new Jak and Daxter butttt in the form of Jak 1 that was pure platformer (and excellent game) and NOT GTA clone craps like Jak 2-3

ninsigma104d ago

Bloodborne 2 and new From Soft game are probably likely (Not necessarily this E3 though).
Can't see monster hunter going exclusive.
Crash ain't gonna happen but Vicarious Visions did a great job with the remake that I'm happy to see what they can do with their own crash title that's not part of skylanders.
Never heard the metal gear rumour. Would be cool (not that I'm particularly big into metal gear) but really don't see it. Konami can use the IP for anything so doubt they'll let it go, especially to Sony to give back to Kojima, they seem petty and spiteful.
Would love more Jak and Daxter. Would be interesting to see who makes it if it happens. ND are basically a different studio at this point, only the name is the same, so it could go to anyone really. Sequal, not remake. Would rather they carried on the story. 2 and 3 were great games.

naruga104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

P.S............generally for any Playstation fan (because the article is PS4 only related) ..i dont fing understand the disagrees....

ocelot07104d ago

I can't see the Metal Gear rumour being true. I would love it but I can't see it. Konami have pretty much ruined that series for me. But if Sony can purchase that IP and allow Kojima (if he want's to) to do another Metal Gear then that would be incredible.

ninerguy1608104d ago

You will get your Socom this fall. I’m surprised there are still some socom fans who don’t know about H-Hour. Original Socom developers and all. The game is Socom. It has old socom maps and new maps. The mechanics are same as Socom 1 and 2. Guns and all. Was in beta on pc for a few years. Was actually supposed to be a PS4 launch title. Well socom fans rejoice. SOF studios began the porting after Sony gave the go ahead. Porting to the PS4 began in March. They said takes about 6-8 months to port. They do live game streams daily on pc. Go to YouTube and look up H-Hour gameplay. It’s coming brother. As it sounds you’re a Socom fan. You will be more than pleased. This is no Socom 4 or confrontation for that matter. It’s socom 1 2 and 3. Look up vids and tell me what ya think. PS4 exclusive also. Enjoy

jerethdagryphon104d ago

Jak 3 completed jak and daxters story completly it finished the predestination paradox so anything more would just be odd i want more sly raccoon

IRetrouk104d ago

The psp game was a direct continuation......

104d ago
RainbowBrite104d ago

a deal with Square to get another Parasite Eve... Not gonna happen.

Cryptcuzz104d ago

I want my Aya Brea back.

Father__Merrin104d ago

Socom reboot as battle royale game also love to see Agent. And remasters of ICO with a new team trico game

Goldby104d ago

theres too many BR games already

madforaday104d ago

I love when people think that 2 BR games is too many BR games... The PS4 literally has 2 in the market and one isn't technically even out and just in the open beta phase.

I think Xbox has 2 as well and one is also in beta phase as well.

I remember people saying way back when ohh too many open world games and too many first person shooters... here we are with tons of open world games and first person shooters. A good game is just that, a good game.

Socom is a tactical shooter at heart, and a BR game is far from that. I would still play the crap out of it but it wouldn't really be Socom.

Goldby104d ago

@Mad, but its the fact in the next year we are going to get probably at least 3 or 4 more.

Cod, Battlefield will have its own version, H1Z1 when its officially released, fractured lands, Egress, Dying light, Paladins, Mavericks, battleright. and thats just next year alone.

so agin, there are already too many BR games

ninerguy1608104d ago

H-hour is your Socom reboot. Original developers. Coming this fall. It’s Socom. No battle royale mode needed

morganfell104d ago

So far the PC version hasn't felt right. They need a true blue SOCOM.

Personally I want to find out what happened to Wild. The last we heard was a tweet from Ancel stating the project was still moving forward but that came over a year ago and it seems he is focused on BGAE2 at the moment.

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