E3 2018: Nintendo Predictions from Link-Cable

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Going into any E3 it’s often hard to not get excited about what Nintendo will be bringing to the table as they remain one of the most secretive and exciting game companies to follow and we’re sure that E3 2018 will deliver the goods. But what will they bringing to the show this year and will it be enough to keep the Switch momentum going? Oh you better bet it will! So like we did for Sony and Microsoft earlier this week, here’s our predictions for what Nintendo will be showing off at E3 2018!"

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G3ng4r164d ago

Animal crossing, mario maker and star fox gp announcements.

O-D-C164d ago

Maybe Retro's new game? (fingers crossed)

G3ng4r164d ago

Star fox gp, yeah. Haven't heard about their other game besides that it's a new horror ip.

O-D-C164d ago

A Retro made horror game would be amazing - they managed to make parts of Metroid very scary.