Is there hope for a new Fable at E3?

Will we see a new Fable at E3? Now might be the perfect time, Alexandra has a look.

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gangsta_red162d ago

These types of articles are the worse. The title poses a question. The actual article then just goes over history and everything we already know and then ends with asking the very question that happens to be the title of he article.

161d ago
IamTylerDurden1162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Gangster is right in a sense. Supposedly the team was only finalized just recently. How on earth can they show Fable 4 if production has barely started? This isn't a Kojima situation where people were just happy to see that the developer was free and that he had a new project underway.

I have mixed feelings on a new Fable anyway. The studio developing it has no pedigree for a game like this. Fable was very much a game that reflected the culture and personality of the studio that created it. Lionhead was Fable. I cherish the Fable franchise and i worry about this game. Microsoft has run Fable through the mud lately. I wish they had just let Lionhead make Fable 4 instead of Legends.

Septic162d ago

Lionhead made Fable 3 and that was crap. 2 was worse than 1 and dtwafily it just got worse.

Playground Games, if they are developing it, have proven their talents generally by consistently making the best racers this gen. Who knows, those talents may lend themselves well to a new title.

"I cherish the Fable franchise and i worry about this game. "

Don't worry so much about it. People always ask for 343 and the like to take risks beyond the usual franchises. Now Playground is doing something different.

DiRtY162d ago

I disagree

Fable 2 > Fable 1 > Fable 3.

I loved Fable 2. One of the very few singleplayer games I really enjoyed.