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annoyedgamer189d ago

Wow, we actually won for once.

Imalwaysright189d ago

I don't think that PC gamers ever "lost" to one of these companies. The beauty of PC being an open platform and PC market being free.

Gh05t189d ago

No they only kicked everything off because the Apple App. Now that Apple reneged and said F-U to Steam unless Steam shares a cut of sold games Steam has no reason to change so it went back.

porkChop189d ago

Did we? Steam already has a huge issue with shovelware. Valve taking an even more "hands off" approach means the doors are wide open for more garbage to flood in.

I know there can be some benefits to this, but I really don't think they outweigh the negative. There's next to no oversight on mobile platforms, and look at how poorly that has worked so far. That's the direction Steam is headed in.

annoyedgamer189d ago

You said the same thing in the Cosplay article. It seems your definition of "garbage" is things you find offensive.

Gh05t189d ago

The same can be said for almost anything... I look through Netflix to find a movie and have to wade through hundreds of garbage movies.

I dont need Steam to be the arbitrator and curator of what is good and bad. I want a great place that sells almost everything and lets me choose what I find to be good or bad. Steam also allowed curator lists so if there is someone you know that has the same taste in games as you it is pretty easy to let them do the heavy lifting and find the gems.

I will always choose more over less if the less is based off someone else taste because the chances that I find a game to be good vs others is slim to none (I am not like most people and do not like what is popular among most people).

porkChop189d ago


I hear you. I understand your point and where you're coming from. I agree that we should have more options and such, I just don't think Valve should be totally hands off. There should be some kind of oversight to prevent asset flips and games that are thrown together for profit.

Valve's approach is reactive, instead of active. People have to get ripped off and report the game before Valve decides to do anything. I'm just not sure that's the right way to go about it.

But again, I get where you're coming from and I respect your opinion. Though your comparison to Netflix isn't quite right. You pay a flat fee for Netflix, you don't pay on a per-movie/episode basis. If you watch 5 great movies, and 1 bad one, you're not paying more or losing anything. That's a little different from buying games on Steam.

Gh05t189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Who is getting ripped off, that doesnt know they are taking a risk? Seriously who is like... I'm going to buy Civ VI which has thousands of reviews and goes man I got ripped off.

There is more information now than ever. If you buy a game with no reviews or only a few than yes you are taking a chance... but who doesnt understand that? And if they dont, them buying it and getting ripped off should be the teaching experience they need before it happens even worse like buying land on the moon.

I just cant see the average person going to steam to get anything but the top tier AAA games.If you want to delve into the marsh and look through the bottomless pit of games you know what you are getting into.

Also the two hour playtime return policy helps with this.

I just think you are basically calling "people" too stupid to make good purchasing choices and even If that is the case its still not Steams job to save people from themselves.

And to be honest my first thought was a video store where you rent videos one by one but it got replaced by Netflix, so I did understand what you meant I was just trying to make it more relevant, and it lost the context, my bad.

Kryptix189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

You're one of those people that don't want to use the search function, use Google, or read reviews, aren't you?

All my time using Steam, I read descriptions, read reviews, or already know what the game is about, before making my purchases. There's even a Wishlist feature to add only good games you come across to keep track what to buy next.

It's about using the tools to inform yourself to make a smart decision in a free market. Everywhere you're going to find trash or something of better quality than others, especially as Gho5t said, with Netflix and I can say YouTube. Do you let all those trash videos on there hurt your experience? No you don't, you just have to dig through to get to the good stuff and subscribe or stay informed.

As long as Steam's front page isn't filled with Greenlight shovelware games, I don't care. Doors open means an opportunity for creative games to set their foot in, too and eventually get featured as a reward for the actual hard work put in.

porkChop189d ago


"You're one of those people that don't want to use the search function, use Google, or read reviews, aren't you?"

No, I'm not. I do my research before I buy any game. Everyone should, but unfortunately a lot of people don't.

And I understand that there will always be trash, but I personally don't think that's a good reason to sit back and do nothing until someone reports it. I just think there could be a better way to handle it.

I'm all for more creative games being let in though, and for more devs being given an opportunity to get on Steam. That's a great thing. I'm not disputing that at all.

Antifan189d ago

Isn't steam games voter based? That means the gamers choose which games flood into steam? Pretty sure that's how it goes, instead of Valve dictating what is a "quality product".

PurpHerbison189d ago

Everytime I hear about shovelware it reminds me of walking into a game store years ago and seeing the wall of Wii games.

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porkChop189d ago

"You said the same thing in the Cosplay article. It seems your definition of "garbage" is things you find offensive."

Huh? What cosplay article? I don't have any issues with cosplay. I don't know what you're talking about.

And no, I'm not talking about things that offend me. Honestly, what are you talking about? I'm talking about actual shovelware. Bad games that just barely work, that are thrown together quickly just to make money.

There are thousands of them, the Steam store is flooded with them. Where you get the idea that I'm offended is beyond me. I just don't like people being ripped off by bad games and shady developers.

briannah95189d ago

While I agree censorship is wrong. I'm curios who you mean by we since you pretend to be so many different things, Do you mean black people or do you mean asians or perhaps your pretending to be a woman?

You need to clarify what race your speaking for since you pretend to be so many.

porkChop189d ago

What does annoyedgamer's race have to do with this article, and how is it any of your business?

briannah95189d ago

Generally your right calling people out on their race is wrong. but...

This is a guy who claimed to be black in order to validate his opinion, then he claimed to be asian in another thread in order to make his opinion seem more valid, then when people who remembered his comments called him out he tried to say he was mixed race to save face. Basically what I am saying is he is full of crap he lied about his race in order to make his "questionable" opinions seem more valid.

TedCruzsTaint189d ago

Valve went the route of extra revenue.

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ChrisW189d ago

Yeah... Great news for shovelware and Atari quality games.

ravinash189d ago

Some people like Atari quality games.
Besides, these are the people who will develop into better game down the line (well some of them).

ChrisW189d ago

I used to own an Atari when it first came out...

And you obviously don't know what you're talking about.

SarcasticDuck189d ago

awesome but what do they mean with "illegal"?

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annoyedgamer189d ago

Gambling, directed threats at real living personalities, child porn etc. Places where this would cause complications are places where open speech is actively being policed, such as China, nations under Islamic Law, Germany and the UK. Although to my knowledge, Steam is not available in China anyways.

notachance189d ago

steam store is region based though so it won't be a problem, for example there are some locally licensed MMOs that aren't being sold on my country's steam store but available elsewhere

SarcasticDuck187d ago

Gambling- will Steam ban any game with Lootboxes? Cuz those are considered gambling.
threats at living personalities- in the message written in the link, it seems they might allow that. Besides, isn't there a fighting game with US presidents as its roster?
child porn- not illegal in some places like Japan. Pretty sure GTAV is banned in Germany or something yet it still is on Steam though.

neoandrew189d ago

Well for starters "illegal" as not allowed by law.

porkChop189d ago

Probably something like RapeLay. Or gambling. Anything that pushes hate speech in a way that isn't meant for historical accuracy or atmosphere.

Rachel_Alucard189d ago

Copyright laws would be a big thing to lookout for, which is already a common thing that happens on steam currently.

Antifan189d ago

For example, rude woman is illegal in Saudi Arabia. So having a game with nudity in Saudi Arabia is illegal.

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PlayableGamez-189d ago

So are we going to get immersive sex games?

ravinash189d ago

Although I really wouldn't want notifications saying my friend is play such games.
It's basically saying "Look, your friend is currently having a wank".

SarcasticDuck187d ago

better then getting an invitation from said friend to play alongside him!

Bastrad189d ago

PlayableGamez is a perv - Confirmed.

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