From Software will be at E3 2018

From Software will be at E3 2018, via Twitch schedule. Konami and Remedy Entertainment are also listed for their stage shows.

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Gamist2dot017d ago

So World Wide Studios have 3-4 announcements and From Software will be at E3 as well. Hum...

Septic17d ago

Bloodborne 2! Make it happen!

Shiken17d ago

This is all I desire atm.

I_am_Batman17d ago

Well they already teased "Shadows die twice" at last years game awards. It didn't look like Bloodborne. Whatever it is (Tenchu, new ip, something else?) I can't wait to see more. Bloodborne 2 would be a dream come true but it seems unlikely at this point in time.

dreue17d ago

Septic i dont understand you, in a way that i have nkthing against you but can you explain the reason you also defend ms so much, after this gen beinng the worst for xbox? I want to understand that.... Because it seams you like good games as well... And sony gave you better option than ms...

UltraNova16d ago

BB 2 or DemonS 2 ! Hell, I'll take a DemonS remaster at this point...

Ninja_Ryu16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

I don't get Septic either

ziggurcat16d ago

That or Demon's Souls Remaster (Bluepoint is working on another one, which could be that)...

PurpHerbison16d ago

Give us a PS4 Pro patch for Bloodborne. Fix the frame pacing and the frame drops. OR give us something completely new. Bloodborne is way too good a game to have a sequel, leave it alone. Don't treat it like Dark Souls and milk the hell out of it with forced entries.

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starchild17d ago

I'm hoping they'll reveal their Shadows Die Twice game and show us some gameplay.

UltraNova16d ago

They will and I'm sure I'll flip out!

jhoward58517d ago (Edited 17d ago )

That's good to hear. Can't wait for E3 to come.

zielocz3k17d ago

i hope Konami will announce something Silent Hill related, at least remasters with 4K support, its been 6 years since the last SH game

UltraNova17d ago

I love Silent hill games. But F*** Konami.

NecrumOddBoy17d ago

Leaked reports are of a new Castlevania

Alucard_42016d ago

new castelvania is a mobile game for IOS.

Alucard_42016d ago

yeah I'm so piss because the cast of playable guys is really good also. But whatever f$%# Konami........

Vanfernal16d ago

At this point I'll take the PS2 Silent Hills as Playstation classics on PS4... Even if it's just cleaned up graphics and 60fps, those games still hold up pretty well.

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Asuka17d ago

Armored Core 6 I hope...

starchild17d ago

I hope and pray that comes to pass. We need a new Tenchu game so badly.

lociefer17d ago

Even if it's a Tatsumaru spin off i'm still down with that , ANYTHING !!!

Imalwaysright16d ago

Shadows Die Twice could be a Tenchu game.

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