The One Game we Hope to see from Square Enix at E3 2018

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Yesterday, took a bit of time to cover our thoughts and wants from both EA and Ubisoft, and today, we have two more Knights of the Round Cables, starting with what games we hope to see from Square Enix. The Japanese mega-publisher is coming back to Los Angeles and there are quite a few announcements that we hope to see while in attendance. While there are many great franchises we do hope to see, here is the one game that we hope to see from Square Enix at this years E3."

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mgszelda1188d ago

Legacy of Kaine / Soul Reaver reboot

indysurfn187d ago

Did anyone else read the article? They said ACTRAISER and Deus EX! Makes you wonder if the writter really knows about Final Fantasy VII REMAKES popularity.

Derceto188d ago

Right, because I would trust SquareEnix to properly remake a game of Tic-Tac-Toe, much less Legacy of Kain.

MWH188d ago

There's still hope for a sequel or a reboot done right. Else, we, the ancient ones will simply look away.

mgszelda1187d ago

They did do Tomb Raider decent enough in most people's eyes.

InKnight7s188d ago

I mean Square History is full of legend and there will be always a one game to wish for, I mean Deus EX, KH3, KH BBS2, FFVIIR, Legend of Mana, TR, JC3 these were one game to wish at some point.

Furthermore, there are tons ports/remastared/remake that people are wishing for including alot of FF titles, a lot of PS1/PSP/PS2. Even FFXIII are wished for to have a PS4 release. Type 1, Real Dissidia game, FFVI remake, Legend of Kain, Xeno, Prastive Eve.

MWH188d ago

Legacy of Kain not Legend of Kain, this mistake cost you 1 Life.

InKnight7s188d ago

To be honest I keep hearing about it but never played it and didn't even saw the cover so yeah.

Larrysweet188d ago

2 lifes khbbs2 would make zero sense bring as 3 wraps up the entire story so no chance or even sense in such thing

MWH188d ago

Larrysweet drew a 2nd life there, you have 1 life left InKnight7s, live it well.

BlackIceJoe188d ago

I'd love to see Vagrant Story 2, but a remake would be nice too.

Derceto188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

As a publisher? Who knows, they have a few competent studios under their umbrella, but they manage to screw things up regardless.

As a first party developer? Nothing. SquareEnix hasn't developed anything in-house that's worth half a crap, in about a decade. I couldn't care less for FF these days, KH 3 is so hilariously in development hell, does anyone really expect it to be even remotely good?

Chrono Trigger was a sign of the SquareEnix times. These morons couldn't even port a 25 year old game to a modern platform properly, without "SquareEnix'ng" it to all hell. To say nothing of their gross DRM garbage, MT's, "Augmenting your Pre-Order" crap, and many others.

SquareEnix should stick to what they do best these days. Mobile shovelware.

Geobros188d ago

ActRaiser is one of my favorite game of all time. I didnt like though the second one which is totally different.

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