id: Rage 2 Is Much More Than a Straight Up Sequel; Story Is Very Important and the World Is Dynamic

id's Tim Willits said that Rage 2 is much more than a straight up sequel. The story will be very important with much more dialogue and even sub-stories; also, the open world itself will be dynamic and affected by the player's actions.

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ccgr190d ago

Still have to play the first one

Imp0ssibl3190d ago

I don't think it will be required in any way.

KaiPow190d ago

Might be worth a quick remaster to see how idtech holds up outside of Doom.

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CobraKai189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

I liked it. It was fun. I agree with KaiPow. A remaster if Rage would actually be good since the last gen of consoles kinda struggled to maintain graphical fidelity.

I’m glad they’re emphasizing story and lore, and not just making a MP only Battle Royal type game.

Jackhass190d ago

Hopefully the writing is better than the Mad Max game.

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Hardiman190d ago

Liking what I'm reading and really love getting lost in well crafted worlds! The OCD in me has me scouring every nook and cranny.

showtimefolks189d ago

I would like to believe it but history from past few games ID and Avalanche games aren't know for good stories. Atleast id is known for gameplay and supporting the games well in case of Avalanche they are the true definition of developers for hire. They did mad max and right after launch stopped with patches and did the same for just cause 3

Smokehouse189d ago

Sounds great can’t wait to see some gameplay.

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