The Warmind Expansion Is Good Enough That You Should Give Destiny 2 Another Chance

TSA writes: "Put yesterday’s Forsaken expansion reveal to one side for a second and brace yourself for a highly topical and timely opinion: Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion is actually pretty good. No, it’s not really the dramatic overhaul that it has needed since day one – I’m excited to have a shotgun as my secondary again – but the most important thing for Bungie is that I’m playing it again. I’m thinking about playing it in my free time, I’m looking forward to the weekly reset so that I can tick off my activities and advance my character, and I’m building up toward a tilt at the new Raid Lair. Destiny is back… kind of."

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maybelovehate165d ago

I am enjoying it. Especially love the new ranking systems which give you something to grind for in PVP. And I love the nightfall modifier cards. They need to add those to everything in the game.

frostlatch165d ago

lol how rofl. Perhaps Forsaken will be good but having another pass on top of that? Never playing Destiny 2 again.

Kokyu165d ago

Not just that but for people who didnt buy into the BS season pass this time Id have to buy both DLC plus the the forsaken expansion is another 40 so thats 80$ I have to spend just to play the sept update then the annual pass is another 35-40$ probably so thats like 120$ just to get all the content. Its ridiculous.

frostlatch165d ago

lol goodness. I am so glad I never paid for the game (got it as a gift from someone who had an extra key somehow) and never got the Season Pass (which turned out to be shite anyway).

Kokyu165d ago

No just no not to mention they want 160$ before I could even give it another chance

kayoss165d ago

Not going to debate if Warmind is good or bad. Im more upset with Bungie's practice and treating their fans like idiots.

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The story is too old to be commented.